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how can we help DS to pass the theory test?

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mckenzie Wed 17-Jul-19 08:58:54

He has failed it again today.
The hazard perception part he is scoring well but he's missing out on the multiple choice by 3 or 4.

He does have a level of autism (High Functioning Aspergers and Dyspraxia) and doesn't do well in exams although is very intelligent. (failed some basic GCSEs but obtained the highest score possible in his BTEC Level 3 which is the equivalent to 3 A levels at very high grade).
He absolutely refuses to apply for any help with the theory test as he says that would only make him more stressed.

Any tips or ideas please for how we can help him?
We've just re booked the test but unfortunately the next available one is a month away.
He's using the app and doing the 10 question tests and apparently scoring 9 or 10 every time.


whirlwinds Thu 18-Jul-19 10:12:26

When I did the theory test I grab 3-4 different apps, that addressed all the latest update questions and variations of questions. I then spent every spare moment working my way through every single question and where there was a mistake I would read up on it. I went from 80% to 100% on all the tests and retest. The questions are not supposed to be the same each time you take the "tests" and just keep working on them until one can confidently answer all the questions in all the apps 100%. I had no mistakes when I did my test and scored high on the hazard test first go, it took me an intensive 2 weeks of ignoring the family to get this done first go though. Trying to remember the best app I used, it was amazingly good as it keep track of all the questions answered and how many were still unanswered. I did more about 100-200 questions and any hazard test I could get my claw on every day. The bad luck here is if he gets some questions that he gets wrong in each test or doesn't know it is much harder to pass as they can be tricky. I got one question I had to flag and go back to as the question was a trick one. If he finds a question giving too many options he should just flag it so he can review it after the other questions and be able to take his time thinking logical about it.

mckenzie Thu 18-Jul-19 21:54:46

Thank you Whirlwinds. I’m going to look again at what App he’s using. He’s friend, who passed first time, recommended it. And no longer accept when he says “I’ve done loads” and instead sit with him and check.

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