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private health insurance???

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slinkstar Sat 28-Jul-07 23:10:51

How do you get this to cover pregnancy and birth? I have googled this but have not found one.
I really want to go private to have my next baby as i have had horrific experiences with the nhs and due to a incompetent cervix i will have a very stressful pregnancy. i can't afford to pay 5k+ for it privately so i thought private health insurance may be a cheaper way.
has anyone had any experience?

Earlybird Sun 29-Jul-07 02:41:39

Are you pregnant already?

TBH, with your medical history relating to pregnancy/birth, I would imagine any private health insurance company will put in place very restrictive conditions for care in that area - if they will cover it at all.

In my own experience (in America, may be different in UK), I could not get private insurance to cover pregnancy and birth - I began looking when I was already pregnant. The companies viewed it as a 'pre-existing condition', and excluded it., I was told they would cover me fully after the birth, but that subsequent pregnancies would exclude caesareans (I had one with dd), and that any pregnancy that resulted from use of fertility drugs would be excluded completely.

Sorry not to have better news. I would imagine if you are viewed as 'high risk' you might get different care from the NHS in future? Hope so, for your sake.....

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 29-Jul-07 09:38:05

If you are already PG it will definately be excluded as you usually have to be with them at lest 12-18 months for certain parts of cover.

If your last PG had complications, 99% of companies will exclude cover for this as a pre-existing condition as such.

Maybe you could look at using another hospital if you are not happy with the one you had last time. Or if your not already pg, maybe you could delay the baby until you can save for the private care you want.

Its seems a bit out of order to expect to pay a few months premiums and then expect to get the 5K private treatment covered that you have already looked into. In my eyes, private medical care should be there for an emergency or serious illness, not taken out to cover a private birth.

SweetyDarling Sun 29-Jul-07 10:01:03

Allianz have a policy that covers private maternity, and BUPA's international cover also includes it. Both have an automatic 10 month exclusion for maternity claims, so if you're already pregnant it's too late I'm afraid.

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