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dd's ballet

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my2cherubs Sat 28-Jul-07 20:13:39

just a quick question really and may sound stupid. dd has been going to ballet for a few weeks now and we pay for the sessions in advance for four weeks. Thing is we are going away for two weeks next month. do we still pay for the class even if she's not going to be there? is it like nursery where you pay even when they don't attend as their place is kept. I feel a bit silly asking. What does everyone else do?

nutcracker Sat 28-Jul-07 20:18:55

Yep used to have to pay wether Dd1 was there or not.

popsycal Sat 28-Jul-07 20:23:38


Nemo2007 Sat 28-Jul-07 20:26:48

usually have to keep paying, although some places do offer x amount of prebooked holiday weeks so just ask. Ds swimming we have to pay regardless.

my2cherubs Sat 28-Jul-07 20:27:27

thanks for that. I was going to ask one of the other mums today but completely forgot. thought i might still have to pay, only fair I suppose

twinsetandpearls Sat 28-Jul-07 20:28:06

I have always had to pay whether dd was there or not

my2cherubs Sat 28-Jul-07 20:28:41

I'll just mention she'll be away when I give the money over next week and if I'm entitled to any back they'll probably tell me. Thanks again.

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