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Children's hairdressers in Bristol or Bath?

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Enid Tue 20-Aug-02 09:54:19

A friend and I are looking for a very child friendly hairdresser in the Bristol/Bath area - does anyone know of anything?

batey Tue 20-Aug-02 18:39:06

How child friendly do you need? I take my dds to The Cutting Edge In Bath, we see Andrea who's great. It's a normal hairdressers, has some toys etc. but Andrea is v. good with my dd's. Is that what your'e after?

Enid Tue 20-Aug-02 18:50:06

At the moment we go to a creaky old place full of ancient women under dryers, they appear to do one girls hairstyle only, and I want dd to have a 'decent' haircut, a bit more advanced than the usual shearing she gets.

I just spent the weekend in London and saw the fab kids hairdresser in Daisy and toms - toys, videos to watch etc etc and wondered whether there was anything like it in Bristol/Bath.

Can you give me the address of your place Batey?

Are their any Bristol mumsnetters??

batey Tue 20-Aug-02 20:56:45

Can't find it right now, will do it tomorrow if that's O.K.?

batey Thu 22-Aug-02 15:32:28

Enid, better late than never eh! It's 7 North Parade Passage, Abbey Green, Bath 01225 466317. If you know Sally lunns teashop, it's almost opposite that. HTH.

kkgirl Thu 22-Aug-02 17:41:05


Yes I'm a Bristol Mumsnetter. Well, only just. I found the website last week when I was desperately trying to find some help with a problem I have been having

leese Thu 22-Aug-02 19:21:01

Enid - you may have guessed I'm a Bristol mumsnetter too! Couldn't really comment on hairdressers tho', as dd's is still so fine and downy i've got difficulty seeing it - can't imagine the day it might need cutting!

ekhair Thu 18-Oct-12 09:16:20

Hi everyone
I'm opening a new children's hair salon in Bristol this November, we have retro cars that they can sit in and tv so they can watch their favourite programme.

They can choose from a fire engine, an aeroplane, or a pink Cadillac.
We have a big range of DVDs but you can also bring your own.

If its their first time we do a lovely 'my first haircut' certificate which includes a lock of hair and a photo of them driving the car. There's no age limit for their first cut.

We are extremely experienced with children who are nervous about having their haircut. We also do adults too so the whole family can be done together in our family salon.
We have baby changing and a buggy park, a brilliant waiting area so the children never get bored, whilst the parents can have a coffee and read a magazine.

The salon will be open this November and you can book online.

Hope to see you all there
Chloe and the ek hair team x

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