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Mum's fur coat - what to do with it?

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FelineUK Sun 07-Jul-19 13:47:21

I have an excellent condition black rabbit fur coat that my Mum used to wear (that I inherited from her). She only used to wear it for very special occasions, maybe half a dozen times during her lifetime. I've never worn it and never will as i don't do fur, so it's been kept since I've had it.

It's the only item of clothing I have from her and I can still smell her perfume on it so I'm really sentimental about it.. but know I should do something with it, but what?

Each2TheirOwn Sun 28-Jul-19 19:11:57

Have it made into a cushion cover x

HappyHammy Sun 28-Jul-19 19:13:50

Cushion cover or rug. Or just put it away safe in a box.

TheHandsOfNeilBuchanan Tue 30-Jul-19 08:51:00

My gran inherited one from her mother, she wears it very occasionally, only when it's the coldest weather and tells people it's fake. She would never ever buy fur, but throwing it away seems almost worse. You haven't contributed to the industry and it was done in a time when it was seen as acceptable, why do you not wear it?

EleanorReally Tue 30-Jul-19 08:52:48

if you want to give it away give it to your local am dram, or school, otherwise cushion cover sounds great

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