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Looking for lightweight portable stool

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Bluecookies Sun 07-Jul-19 09:43:39

I’m looking for one that’s the height of a bar stool. There are plenty of portable stools on Amazon but I can’t find one this high. The reason I want it is that I can’t stand up for long, for medical reasons, so I’d like to be able to dance sitting down (moving my upper body), and it would be really good to be the same height as people who are standing up! Does anyone happen to have come across one?

BlueberriesAndCream Sun 07-Jul-19 09:49:15

Maybe look for a double-bass stool? They often stand up to play, perched on a stool, so it's reasonably high, though maybe not as high as you need

Abcd3 Sun 07-Jul-19 15:28:36

Thanks, that’s a good idea - I’ll have a look.

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