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Fussy Eaters discussion on five live

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babesinthewood Fri 27-Jul-07 13:02:13

Just heard a discussion this morning on five live about fussy eaters.
Could not believe what I heard.

A teacher was on the programme saying a pupil in year 6 at her school only ate white bread and chips.
She said the mother was a lovely lady but felt she needed to use tough love to get her son to eat other foods.

On a recent trip away with the school she said the boy had eaten other foods as they had told him it was ethier eat this or there would be nothing else!!!!

She said he obviously was controlling his mother through his food eating and this needed to be nipped in the bud.

She went on to say how thin he was and how white bread is so bad for you.

I was just appalled that she went on national radio to discuss a pupil in this way and she made it sound so black and white.
There may be other issues she is unaware of and blackmailing a child to eat this or have nothing I think is not for her to say.

By the way she has no children herself.

Maybe I am over reacting,just would'nt be too happy if it was my child she was talking about.

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