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HELP-Nits,what should I do?

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babesinthewood Fri 27-Jul-07 10:57:45

Am going away on hols next week and booked a home hairdresser on Monday to cut my hair.

Have just discovered this morning the children and myself have nits.

What should I do with regards to getting rid of them quickly and should I cancel the hairdresser?

Or should I ring and explain to her as i would hate her to be cutting my hair and find them.

itwasntme Fri 27-Jul-07 11:03:40

1. Go to chemist and buy a nit comb

2. Smother hair in LOADS of conditioner, and I mean LOADS.

3. Get combing over a white sheet or towel.. you have to do it for a long long time, and repeat frequently.

4. Wash sheets and bedding.

I discovered that dd and I were totally infested a few months ago.. it took 2-3 days of very frequent combing to get them all out and the eggs. We both had loads of babies too.

We didn't use a shampoo, so can't advise there, I wasn't happy about using chemicals.

I'd warn hairdresser just in case, but see how fast you can get rid of the little blighters.

babesinthewood Fri 27-Jul-07 11:09:41

Thanks for your advice.

Did'nt realise they live on the bed linen!!!

Bit embarrased about telling the hairdresser,she probably won't want to cut my hair now.

onehackedoffmuma Fri 27-Jul-07 12:14:14

I second what itwasntme has said.

I don't bother with Full Marks etc, I found that using the Nitty Gritty comb (which can be bought from Boots or online) is the best thing.

Lots and lots of combing and tons of conditioner will do the trick.

I also spray ds' hair with Tea Tree Oil as apparently the little buggers arent too keen on that and it acts as a deterrent.

babesinthewood Fri 27-Jul-07 12:47:24

Thanks ,have just bought a comb,tea tree spray and shampoo and conditioner.

Now all I have to do is get the children to stay still long enough for me to do it!!!!

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