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I Mishear Words

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Melyn Mon 01-Jul-19 10:42:45

Hey, I couldn't think of a specific place to put this so thought I'd ask other Mums, does anyone else completely mishear a word? I'm 23 and I've been suffering a lot with it the passed couple of years, I can be looking at the person and what they're saying with no background distractions and I still mishear it, sometimes they have to repeat it 4 times slowly for me to understand, it's not all the time but for example my partner said "Chuck it" and I heard "Nuke it", he's had to repeat sentences multiple times for me to hear it and it just doesn't sound like he's talking English, the words get muddled together and it doesn't sound like anything even if he breaks it up word by word. It's embarrassing because people will talk to me, I won't understand what they say and I feel embarrassed to ask more than once what they say so I often just nod and agree. Volume isn't an issue but it's like my brain can't process the words. Anyone have something similar or have an idea what it could be?

BobTheDuvet Mon 01-Jul-19 14:14:54

Look up auditory processing disorder and see if that might fit. Have you gone to speak to the GP about it? I would if I was you.

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