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OMG, my brother is a star

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nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 14:35:04

My brother is already pretty fab, dotes on my kids and they on him.

So anyway today he comes over to visit and comes in loaded up with bags.

He only went a brought them a Wii, along with all the bits they could possibly need for it, plus another game.

They are so pleased and shocked (as am i).

Going to get them to make him a thankyou card later, not that that will anywhere near cover it.

gemmiegoatlegs Thu 26-Jul-07 14:36:07

everyone's favourite uncle then? I'm guessin he doesn't have kids of his own?!

TheArmadillo Thu 26-Jul-07 14:36:21

sounds like a fantastic brother.

They must be over the moon

FioFio Thu 26-Jul-07 14:36:44

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 14:36:45

Nope he doesn't, have kids which is a shame as he'd make a great dad.

LucyJones Thu 26-Jul-07 14:37:28

ah that's realy sweet.
Lucky that you were ok with it too though.

I think I'd have wanted a bit of consultation first tbh

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 26-Jul-07 14:37:39

how lovely he sounds !

nomdeplume Thu 26-Jul-07 14:45:07

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that is nice

MrsWeasley Thu 26-Jul-07 14:46:21

does he want another sister, moi?

Seriously thats great

RedTartanLass Thu 26-Jul-07 14:52:02

Oh wow great brother!!

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 15:03:56

No he knows i'd be fine with it as we had dsicussed wii's before and I had said the kids would love one. We already have a PS2 courtesy of him. I think in moderation they are fine and the with the wii you are constantly moving around so it's not like your sat on your backside only moving your thumbs.

My brother is a bit of a games console geek, he has everything going, but said that a wii was only really any good for families or groups and so he got one for the kids instead of himself.
He brought himself a PS3.

He isn't normally so extravagent but has just sold his mototbike, but half in savings account and spent the rest

I think suggesting a Primark trip might be pushing my luck lol.

DoubleBluff Thu 26-Jul-07 15:06:03

Aw what a lovley guy, your kids must adore him!

LadyTophamSortingHatt Thu 26-Jul-07 15:07:23

Brothers are FAB, aren't they nutty?

I adore my big bro, he's the best.....yours sound pretty cool too

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 15:08:01

Oh they do and not just becuse he is generous either. He has so much time for them and nothing is too much trouble since the day I had Dd1, he even used to look after her as a baby whilst I worked, even changed her bum, and this is a bloke who had never even held a baby before then.

Am off to hunt for some nice liqorice and jelly beans to send him as they are his other addiction.

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 15:08:41

They are yep, my younger brother is also fantastic, me and my kids are very lucky.

onehackedoffmuma Thu 26-Jul-07 16:58:43

Aww nutcracker that's such a lovely gesture, your brother sounds like a total star!

I was quite shocked at how good my younger brother has been since I've had ds. TBH I thought he wasn't going to be that bothered, thought he's rather be out with his pals etc rather than spending time with his nephew (he's 19).

I couldn't have been more wrong. He even called me up from his two week holiday to say how much he was missing ds! I thought that was quite sweet bless!

Ooh I do love the wii, especially the bowling game!!!

DoubleBluff Thu 26-Jul-07 17:11:44

I have 2 brothers but they would never do anyhting like that.

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 20:11:19

OMg how unfit am I. Have just played bowling, tennis and finally boxing and my arms feel like they will drop off, they went bright red and boiling hot during the boxing lol.

I think it is so fab, the kids haven't sat still since they got it.

TheDuchessOfNorks Thu 26-Jul-07 21:06:06

My brother is a shit. But yours really is a star - like the one in the Clarice Bean books <sighs wistfully>

I hope he enjoys his licquorice!

brimfull Thu 26-Jul-07 21:10:09

what a lovely guy,I have three brothers,all lovely with my children.

With all this crap weather I want a wii, how much are they?

pinkspottywellies Thu 26-Jul-07 21:10:23

I know a fab sweet shop that would make up a lovely basket of liquorice and jelly beans and anything else you want and send it out for you (just pay for postage on top of the sweets).
The phone no is 01522 525307 (assuming you're in the UK)

nutcracker Thu 26-Jul-07 21:13:24

Ohhh thanks pinkspottywellies.

Not sure how much the wii's are, i think around
£189 possibly.

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