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Has anyone ever bought anything of QVC?

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maybebabymaybe Thu 26-Jul-07 00:06:43

Love watching this programme,they could sell ice to the eskimos.

They try to make anything sound appealing.

Has anyone ever bought anything from QVC?

singledadofthree Thu 26-Jul-07 00:10:32

no - but have a riend who buys loads of stuff - seems like theres stuff arriving everyday, never heard them complain.

singledadofthree Thu 26-Jul-07 00:10:54


Browny Thu 26-Jul-07 00:13:54

Yes, not loads, but I do like Yankee Candles and today's special value is Birkenstocks, I always tend to turn to QVC when there's nothing else on .

UCM Thu 26-Jul-07 00:27:36

Well, I was going to send her some stuff to make her invites from. Why? does she not pay you back?

mistersmum Thu 26-Jul-07 01:09:09

Ooh yes - but it is one of those things I wouldn't admit to unless i had had a glass of wine or two, but I don't know why...just got last weeks Liz Earle skincare Todays Special Value set and I do smell wonderful and skin feeling great!

maybebabymaybe Thu 26-Jul-07 01:18:54

Love Liz Earle,will have to look out for that.

Might try some Birkenstocks as well,are they mumsnet style approved?

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