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What is actually in tap water?

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BooseysMom Mon 24-Jun-19 16:25:47

I came across this piece of loveliness on the internet today ...

"Those who decide to rely on tap water for all of their drinking and cooking needs are leaving themselves exposed to various chemicals and bacteria over the long haul. Drinking tap water that is filled with chlorine and various other toxins significantly increases a person's risk of developing cancer."

There are so much info on the web on the dangers of drinking tap water. Apparently fluoride can be a cause of cancer and oestrogen has been found in it which can cause infertility and triggers early menstruation in girls. Just how true is all this stuff? Should we all avoid drinking tap water and instead buy it bottled? What do you drink at home? I have been drinking tap water for years, don't take contraceptives snd the only time i ever conceived was when we got water from a well! Coincidence surely! But who knows?

happytoday73 Mon 24-Jun-19 16:38:25

Was the article written about water in the area you live? Or was it generic about UK or even US (I ask as we don't have fluoride added where I live). Some areas have some low level oestrogen if heavily recycled.

Yes often chlorine to clean it... But at very low levels

However in general tests on tap water in many areas comes out a lot better than bottled water even if doesn't taste as nice.

Oh and don't forget the plastic bottles can give chemical exposure... Esp if reused or left in warm env

The only option left is just to drink gin! 😜

BooseysMom Mon 24-Jun-19 17:28:38

Ha ha! Exactly @happytoday73. I was just surfing around and came across it and loads of other warnings from various sites saying tap water is dangerous. I'm in the UK and our Water Board say it's very safe..but they would. It's the stuff they don't really know about that's worrying..just like they're only just realising the dangers of plastic and actually trying to address it

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