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what are your kids doin with themselves in the hols? post ideas here...

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bubblepop Wed 25-Jul-07 15:47:47

my lot have been in the garden thisafternoon. they've emtied the 3 goldfish out of their bowl and let them swim round in the paddling pool! fish thought it was marvelous! and theyve had the playdough outside and made a right old mess all over the flags..but at least its not on my kitchen floor! now they're making a den under some chairs. only 5.5 weeks to go!

wildwoman Wed 25-Jul-07 15:50:15

Mine have painted glass paint all over the dining table (my fault for being on here!) emptied all the toy boxes on to the floor so I have given up and they are sitting watching tom and jerry until there dad gets here to take them swimming. Roll on september!

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