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Does anyone have the surname PENNOCK? I have this book, you see ......

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Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 15:43:49

I bought it in an Oxfam shop in Coventry seven, maybe eight years ago.

I believe it's quite valuable, but I would like it to be returned to the family of the man who originally bought it.

His name was J H Pennock, with PIP in brackets. He was a soldier in the Great War. He was in Poperinghe (near Ypres) in October 1917.

He was in the late Signals H/79 Bde, RFA

He was entered as a clark to TocH (Talbot House) in December 1922.

The Book is Tales of Talbot House (1st Edition) by P B Clayton.

Sorry for the monotone delivery of this OP, but I wanted to get all the facts in from the off <I know all this because he wrote in the flyleaf>

So ... anyone have the surname Pennock?

Mercy Wed 25-Jul-07 15:53:13

Wow, this could be interesting. I assume you seenthis re Talbot House

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 15:58:43

Wow, thanks Mercy!

I've been to Talbot House in Poperinghe, but it was a few years ago and it looks like they've done some work to it since.

It was the curator of Talbot House who told me the book was valuable ... about 1000 euros. I had no idea, but it is the first edition (apparently), and they're as rare as rocking horse s*

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:11:53

Pennock, anyone?

tigerschick Wed 25-Jul-07 16:23:10

I think this could be very interesting. Have spent about 20 mins browsing the web to look for leads, but haven't got the time to do anything more right now. My db is in the army so will ask him if there is any way of finding out what happened to Mr Pennock after the war - it would be a start to know that he survived it.

Trouvere Wed 25-Jul-07 16:27:51

There were half a dozen J* H* Pennocks born from 1880 to 1901. Quite a few members of the genesreunited site have them in their trees. I sent them messages with the details you gave. With luck, we'll find a match.

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:28:09

Thanks, tiger.

He definitely survived the war ... a miraculous enough escape

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:31:37

Thanks so much, Trouvere. I'm not that great on the old internet browsing thing. Let's hope it yields something interesting.

I'm inordinately fond of this little book ... but I've always seen myself as the custodian, and not the owner.

I would love it to be returned to his great-grandchildren.

coffeepot Wed 25-Jul-07 16:40:23

The public records office documents online site lists two JHPennocks in the WW1 medals
Joseph H Pennock - Royal Fusilier, Private
John H Pennock, Army Service Corp, Private

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:43:30

Could one of these be my man?

Thanks, coffee. My instinct is for Joseph .. I don't know why.

Trouvere Wed 25-Jul-07 16:44:58

Well, good, because 5 genesreunited members count Joseph as a relative.

jura Wed 25-Jul-07 16:47:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:50:21

Yes, I think so. <I should be more knowledgable than this>

gordieracer Wed 25-Jul-07 16:51:13

My FIL id John Pinnock, is it definitely pEnnock?

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 16:56:01

Yes, it's definitely Pennock, Gordie. He has dotted all his i's in the text, so there can't be any mistake there.

Trouvere .. keep up the sterling work

anorak Wed 25-Jul-07 17:01:02

How interesting, desiderata, and how good of you to try and find the family!

Do you think maybe a TV company might be interested in helping you?

WendyWeber Wed 25-Jul-07 17:03:29

The Long, Long Trail - a website for finding out about "Grandad" - it makes lots of suggestions.

Hope you find his family, Desi!

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 17:13:29

Thanks to Anorak and Wendy - both brilliant suggestions.

<snuggles down for a long, long night of research>

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 18:07:16

This is difficult.

On closer research, the RFA stands for Royal Fleet Auxiliary ... which would suggest that he was a naval man rather than a soldier.

In which case, what was he doing in Poperinghe (near Ypres) in 1917?

Oh, I do love an impossible task!

TnOgu Wed 25-Jul-07 18:11:16

This is interesting, Desi.

To piece together fragments of informaion and finally, hopefully, make a connection from the past to the present.

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 18:12:51

Yes, TnOgu. It's something I've been meaning to do for ages.

I've just emailed the RFA people, so hopefully I'll get get some advice from them.

TnOgu Wed 25-Jul-07 18:17:16

My dh's grandfather served in Ypres with the Irish Guards and later with the Irish Republican Army.

We are trying to piece together facts about his life for ds, tis important.

TnOgu Wed 25-Jul-07 18:18:15

< His service with Irish Republican Army was obviously here in Ireland >

Desiderata Wed 25-Jul-07 18:38:59

Good luck with it, TnOgu. I really do think it's important to have meaningful continuity.

I think it also helps children to understand the past if it's more relevant to them.

jellyjelly Wed 25-Jul-07 19:47:55

I dated a pennock in Reading but i am not that old. Have you tried friends reunited?

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