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I can't believe it

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eidsvold Wed 25-Jul-07 04:39:39

I am sure it is not just me but it seems like the other day my dd1 was a wee babe born two weeks early and looking down the barrel of cardiac surgery.

That wee babe (on profile) is going to be 5 next week - I swear time goes quicker now I am a mum.

I can't believe my babe is 5!!

I know - i will be posting on gransnet soon I can't believe my child is 35!!

Belgianchox Wed 25-Jul-07 04:45:31

agree that time goes quicker when you're a mum. I get that feeling at each birthday of my two, actually often gets me feeling clucky again....

SittingBull Wed 25-Jul-07 05:27:36

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Wed 25-Jul-07 05:55:03

sb i knew dd3 was our last but now she is at the interacting chuckling etc stage - part of me is sad that that is it.....

SittingBull Wed 25-Jul-07 05:57:34

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles Wed 25-Jul-07 06:14:14

Yes...recognise that feeling.

I as at ther baby clinic yesterday, adn the vrey newest ones looked so tiny and fragile. Difficult to believe that my little bruiser was ever like that - and yet I know he was. I remember the feel of his foot in my hand...

Oh god I hope my children don't wait as long as I did before they have children, otherwise I may never get to be a grandmother.

meowmix Wed 25-Jul-07 07:24:40

I found DS's first shoes yesterday and sobbed. He's going to school in September but I remember him inside me kicking as if it were yesterday. Sometimes I see him and I'm shocked at how tall he is.

I dread the day he's too big for a hug to make him feel better and already worry about the first girl (or boy) who'll break his heart and how I'll handle it.

Disclaimer: DS is on holiday with DH and I am moping for them in manner of wounded cat

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