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Advice please...would you try to tell these little girls parents?

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robin3 Tue 24-Jul-07 13:46:48

I was walking to work this morning in an affluent area of london when I noticed three adorable little girls on the other side of the street with what appeared to be their nanny. I assumed nanny because the girls were all blonde and curly and the nanny looked Asian (but I could be wrong).

The middle of the three girls wanted to return home for something and the nanny agreed leaving the eldest (I'd say 4 yrs old) holding the baby (I'd say 18 months). She left them on a busy intersection albeit a residential street. Quickly the 4 yr old realised she couldn't hold on to the baby who could walk slowly, so she stood her up and started to walk back along the road towards their house. Fortunately the baby seemed to be willing to follow and made no sudden movements but I'm pretty sure that as the 4 yr old travelled down the street she was oblivious to the fact that a car could have pulled out from any of the driveways.

Initially I stopped to watch that she stayed put but as she started to walk back I crossed the street dying to scoop them up but willing the nanny to hurry up. The whole incident probably only took 2/3 mins before they were all reunited but I really came away thinking the little girls could have been run down so easily.

So...should I try to determine which house they live in and leave a note for the parents? I'd want to know and I have children this age and am pretty sure I have the ages right. Even leaving the house in this busy area with no buggie for the youngest was daft in my opinion. If I do leave a note should I leave a number or make it anonymous? Am I being unreasonable and should leave well alone?

Advice welcomed.

amidaiwish Tue 24-Jul-07 14:10:09

i would - yes.

infact yesterday in the rain a teenager was carrying an umbrella and walked right in front of my car with two little ones following her.

luckily i saw her in time... . she looked v embarrassed when i stared at her.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Tue 24-Jul-07 14:48:55

I would leave a note and to e honest as I am a coward I would be anonymous just incase it was their mother you saw and she rings up having a hissy fit. But at least if it was the nanny then you have alerted them.

tuppy Tue 24-Jul-07 19:02:21

I'd want to know if mine were left like that ! Even the 4yo could easily have panicked at being left, and darted after the nanny, never mind the possibility of the little one bolting and the 4yo not being strong or mature enough to restrain her safely...

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