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Parents' evening for 22month old - this evening - what should I be asking ?!

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Jackaroo Tue 24-Jul-07 13:16:28

I think that covers it! We chat when I pick DS up almost every time (1-2 a week), and we've just had a report point out his developmental stages (which tbh, he has already passed at home, but I'm not sure when the report was actually written iyswim).
I don't want to look as if I don't care if I only say "he seems happy"!!!!!!!!

3littlepigs Tue 24-Jul-07 13:21:47

At my DS's parents evening we asked how he got on with others, how were his interaction skills, was he at a similar stage to his peers etc! To be honest they are not expecting you to ask loads of questions, they will probably show you some of his work etc etc.

Jackaroo Tue 24-Jul-07 13:58:49

Thanks for that 3LP - very helpful!

amidaiwish Tue 24-Jul-07 14:47:42

at our nursery those parents evenings are generally for parents who don't get to chat every night for whatever reason.

they'll probably have lots of things on the walls for you to look at. he may have a folder full of "art" for you to admire and if he has a "tracker" book they may give you that to look at (records key development stages).

nice to be able to chat for longer than a few mins and to say hello to some of the other parents.

MillieMummy Tue 24-Jul-07 15:01:15

We were shocked at DD's first parents evening - it was quite formal and her keyworker went through the 'tracker' book in some detail (her keyworker is a very formal sort of person though).

At a later parents evening (DD then about 2.5) the keyworker raised an issue about DD's hearing which confirmed suspicions we had - she's since had gromits and is now OK.

Agree 100% that it's an opportunity to meet the other parents - we are at the stage now (2 year later) where we 'fix' the time of our meeting with other parents so we can go for a drink together afterwards !

Jackaroo Tue 24-Jul-07 15:36:06

~Ah, well don't think there will be any other parents around to be honest - I pick up later than most, and earlier than some..

Eek, he hasn't done very much artwork at all, and it's all come home - prob. about 4 things in the last year...... is that a bad sign? he's still hanging around the baby room but it seems that there's far more stuff like that in the big children's room, where he'll start in a couple of months.. <Jackaroo goes off to have a small fit about relative lack of things to do and deprived son...>

Glad DH is coming now, he can ask questions that I ask all the time... and maybe get some new answers!

Thanks netters.

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