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Those "motherhood" moments!

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batey Sat 17-Aug-02 11:51:31

Having left my little story re:linea nigra on the other thread,that caused a few chuckles, got me thinking. I cant be the only one with such tales, so come on spill the beans!

To get the ball rolling, my sister and I were at a wedding some time ago. She with her first ds, 2ms old. Towards the end he was desparate for a b/feed. So she and I quietly left and sat in the "porch" (can't think of the right name!?). All was well until "Ta-da-da-daaa", the bride and groom quickly made it out of the chuch to see my sis and I legging it around the corner, her with boob out in full squirt mode, ds screaming for his lunch closely followed by me picking up a trail of breast pads, bibs muslins etc!! Well, I guess it's a "different" way to start married life eh!

sobernow Sun 18-Aug-02 20:52:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Sun 18-Aug-02 21:14:41

They e-mailed me sometime ago saying they'd passed it on to you!! Hmmm.....

P.S. We could arrange to meet at the place where we bumped into each other, cyber pervs would have to be psychic too to get that one?!

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