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PMSL........."poo off".............

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fannyannie Mon 23-Jul-07 15:35:16

is what DS2 (nearly 4) just said to DS1 (nearly 7) - not sure where he's got that one from but I suppose at least it's marginally better than F off

luciemule Mon 23-Jul-07 21:48:21

Completely agree! Before I read the post, I did think "well it's better than F off".

I do actually use 'oh poo' a lot and now DD seems to be saying it all the time only adding extra things like "I'm going to poo on your head" and other little nice phrases like that!!!

weebleswobble Mon 23-Jul-07 21:49:30

Worry not ladies, F..Off will come - like it or not

TheMuppetMuggle Mon 23-Jul-07 21:49:51

LOL - aww bless is totally better that F off.
DD gets god damn from me!!

gringottsgoblin Mon 23-Jul-07 21:49:53

hehe, ds1 told me to bug away when he was 2ish. or that might have been bugger way

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