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housing benefit

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nappyaddict Sun 22-Jul-07 12:45:50

if something is asking for gross weekly income does that mean just wages or wages plus tax credits plus any child maintenance you might get?

lazymoo Sun 22-Jul-07 13:34:36

Can't yoou ring and ask what they mean.

EscapeFrom Sun 22-Jul-07 13:35:26

everything, usually. have a good look at the form, and see if it asks you about any other incomes there.

mamazon Sun 22-Jul-07 13:36:26


nappyaddict Sun 22-Jul-07 14:52:07

its not a form its from a website which gives you guidance to how much you'll get each week.

this one

CarGirl Sun 22-Jul-07 14:58:55

would expect it to be earned income and there be gaps elsewhere for tax credits & child maintenance?

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