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How much do you tip the hairdresser?

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strawberry Mon 13-Sep-04 17:13:14

I never know how much to give my hairdresser and find the whole thing very embarressing. If I have colour and cut & blow dry, it costs £80 (don't tell DH!), and I give £5 to the actual hairdresser and £2 to the junior who washes it. So nearly 10% in all. Is this reasonable? What do you do?

Frenchgirl Mon 13-Sep-04 17:17:29

oh I hate tipping, nobody ever knows how much, when or why... Still do it though... Give £2 or £3 to hairdresser (my cut and blow dry costs around £35) and £1 to junior. Don't tip if the owner cuts my hair

artyjoe Mon 13-Sep-04 17:19:42

Hi Strawberry, I do exactly the same as you do, in fact I tip £5 regardless of what I get done this way I never feel 'stingy' regardless of what they are doing!

coddychops Mon 13-Sep-04 17:21:32

mpothing ever
he want s money he can raise the prices IMO

coddychops Mon 13-Sep-04 17:21:55

oh and he is older thna me so I would feel stooopid

Blu Mon 13-Sep-04 17:21:57

I find the whole thing mortally embarrassing, too. I sometimes ask the cashier to put £5 or £10 in the juniors tip boxes when I pay, but as the person who cuts my hair is the franchise owner, and chats about their hol house in the med, etc, I don't really feel I have to do more than pay the fee for the service offered.

blossomhill Mon 13-Sep-04 17:26:30

between £3 -£5 depending on what I've had done and how skint I am at the time

poppyh Mon 13-Sep-04 17:27:03

I used to be a Receptionist at Vidal Sassoon, and 10% is always acceptable.
If you cant stretch to that, always tip the shampooist as their wages are terrible!

Twiglett Mon 13-Sep-04 17:31:59

message withdrawn

Frenchgirl Mon 13-Sep-04 17:42:33

I only do it as I don't want to be known as the stingy french b*tch

lou33 Mon 13-Sep-04 17:55:19


KateandtheGirls Mon 13-Sep-04 17:57:32

Cut and colour costs $120. I tip $20.

posyhairdresser Mon 13-Sep-04 17:57:37

10% and a small prezzie at christmas

lou33 Mon 13-Sep-04 18:05:10

I only get mine cut about twice a year, so they would think I was a nut if I started handing out the pressies

froot Mon 13-Sep-04 19:36:23

message withdrawn

sportyspice Mon 13-Sep-04 19:47:08

Normally about £3

NomDePlume Mon 13-Sep-04 19:51:12

I don't generally tip my hairdresser, she's a 'do it at home' woman. Although the last couple of times I've told her to keep the change when she's been battling around in her wallet. Generally that comes to around 15%.

motherinferior Mon 13-Sep-04 20:34:04

I get mine cut by the owner, and pay by switch. So nothing. Am mean b*tch

beansmum Mon 13-Sep-04 20:37:58

never even thought that i should tip my hairdresser

not going to anyway, can't afford it!

blossomhill Mon 13-Sep-04 20:41:02

I always feel obliged to but begrudge doing it. I always pay quite a lot for my hair and then think why should I tip? It's the same with cab drivers, you feel you should!

Chandra Mon 13-Sep-04 20:41:39

How do you tip the shampooing guy? normally is the hairdresser who charges you and I find a bit embarrasing to leave a simmilar tip to both (though I think the shampooing guy really deserved a good one he was taking a class of Indian head massage and it was GREAT!!!)

Hulababy Mon 13-Sep-04 20:44:31

I have just started going to a new hairdressers at the new Spa over the round from where I live. First hair cut in a year too But I don't tip the hairdresser. It has a really nice way of paying too, as you don't pay int he salon - but at the Spa reception, where the staff aren't there. Tips are not expected there at all, and it is sucha refreshing chaange.

Lovely salon too - has big bar, with long menu and cocktails too - very relaxing experience. Think I may go again, sooner than 12 months this time!!!

whymummy Mon 13-Sep-04 20:47:01

i never know what to do,i've been a waitress and tips just lets the boss get away with paying rubbish wages but also i know how much i needed the no, i never know what to do

poppyh Mon 13-Sep-04 20:47:21

Now I find I just tip the shampooist as he is an adonis who does the best head massage!!

Chandra Mon 13-Sep-04 20:47:59

HI Whymummy!, how are you?

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