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on microsoft word.... how do i drop the letters from BIG to small??

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Biglips Thu 19-Jul-07 16:10:43


Mercy Thu 19-Jul-07 16:12:12

Do you mean font size?

Biglips Thu 19-Jul-07 16:12:24


Mercy Thu 19-Jul-07 16:16:54

Next to the font type drop down box there should be another one that has numbers in it. Usually pre-set to 12. I think you can only go down to 8 though.

Biglips Thu 19-Jul-07 16:18:31


i meant it is in Capital letters and i want to change it to small letters

im listening to my music and same time tidying up and putting a few things for sale in my local newspaper

Gizmo Thu 19-Jul-07 16:21:17

Tools>Format>Change Case

You want to tick the 'lowercase' box I'd guess

Gizmo Thu 19-Jul-07 16:21:48

Crap. Scrub that.

I meant Format>Change Case.

As you were

Mercy Thu 19-Jul-07 16:23:00


Highlight the text

Go to Format

Click 'Change case...'

Click on the one you want - you probably want sentence case

Biglips Thu 19-Jul-07 16:23:08

i cant see the "format" under the tools??

Biglips Thu 19-Jul-07 16:23:56

DONE it !!!!!! [GRIN]

MaNy ThAnKs X

Mercy Thu 19-Jul-07 16:24:59

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