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RATS RATS RATS.........they are pi88ing me off now!!

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Biglips Wed 18-Jul-07 09:49:09

in 4 years... this is the forth time ive called them out.

I went into the loft last nite to shift some of my mums stuff as our loft is massive and full of my mums house stuff and also dps sis boxes and some of our stuff so the rats are having a whale of a time up there!!

last time they put the blue soaps in the loft to kill the rats last year...

Biglips Wed 18-Jul-07 09:51:57

plus the annoying thing is that they have chewed thru the baby moses basket !!!! and plus a pram too!!

We've got no cavity walls but 2 chimney breasts - blocked off. or they might be coming the neighbours!!

ive called them, made an appointment for next monday.. i explained about this is the 4th time in 4 years so if the rats doesnt go then they will get a environmentalist officer out - hoo - flippin - ray!!

brimfull Wed 18-Jul-07 09:54:26

I thought rats would only go where there is food though,that's one of the reasones I stopped using a compost bin.
I would die if I knew there was a rat in my loft...poor you you have my evry sympathy.

Biglips Wed 18-Jul-07 09:56:01

that what i thought too but theres no foods around as we make sure of it esp when we live opposite the docks

Biglips Wed 18-Jul-07 09:56:42

im just dreading of what else they have chewed thru ..

weebleswobble Wed 18-Jul-07 10:00:15

I've just posted about rats before I saw your thread. Can I hide behind you?

Biglips Wed 18-Jul-07 10:01:33

no i rather hide behind you!!

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