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R4 "Womans Hour"

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Tigana Tue 17-Jul-07 13:04:56

This morning.
A section on becoming widow when husband and father of your children commits suicide. Really touching, had me sobbing in the car.
Followed by 'how to train roses so they look all pretty'.

This programme really bugs me.
Anyone else?

MarieCeleste Tue 17-Jul-07 13:12:21

It's not uncommon for it to reduce me to tears. I found the Winston's Wish advice about having three stones to remember someone by, one ordinary one for ordinary memories, one jagged one for sad/angry memories, and one gem for the golden memories, brilliant.

bundle Tue 17-Jul-07 13:13:47

@ widows/suicide...roses

bundle Tue 17-Jul-07 13:14:13

amazing interviews this morning re: adoption on between ourselves btw, r4 @ its best

Tigana Tue 17-Jul-07 13:22:04

Cannot bear 'midweek' with tenuous links between the interviewees ("Fred you are a hairdresser with a penchant for abseiling...and Jim, you once walked passed someone with hair didn't you?"

Find what the interviewees say ofteninteresting but have to ignore interviewer!

meowmix Tue 17-Jul-07 13:25:05

I LOVE R4 and miss it badly now I'm out of reach. It just isn't the same over the interweb. The worlkd service is a bit ... worthy .. for my liking and there is nothing else that bears comparison.

Midweek is the exception that proves the rule

saadia Tue 17-Jul-07 13:26:49

lol at your example Tigana, bundle I caught part of that feature on adoption but couldn't listen to it all as we had arrived home and ds didn't want to wait in the car.

Tigana Tue 17-Jul-07 13:33:35

The one (and only) thing I like about working so far away from home is that the commute means I can listen to all of This Morning and all of PM.
I actually look forward to turning the radio on as I near the car

<<ponders what her life has become>>

casbie Tue 17-Jul-07 13:39:41

i like woman's hour, but again women can be interested in electronics, science and engineering, but they talk about topics relative to the older generation of mums-at-home-with-limited-interests-and-hobbies, rather than feminism, social justice, terrorism, feats of science and engineering by women (which would interest me more).

the large lady (sorry don't know her name) is very good and doesn't seem to make each issue a pared-down and now on a lighter note type issue, though agree tigana some topics just don't seem worth covering.

Tigana Tue 17-Jul-07 14:03:05

Here's a an allegedly equal society is there any need for a "Women's" Hour?. Implication that the rest of programming is "Men's".

bundle Tue 17-Jul-07 14:21:16

i used to like the locker room (tom robinson presented) it had an interesting slant to it.

personally I don't quite see the "point" of WH

casbie Tue 17-Jul-07 16:13:56

But tigana all news is supposed to be non-subjective, independant and just reportage. Inevitablely though Editors are mainly male and they say what goes on air/in print. Newsworthy items are edited to fit the audience too.

Women's Hour is supposed to be a female perspective of the news. Just like Radio 1 Extra is a black perspective on music.

Anyway, men do have a men's hour, just listen to R4's PM!!

bundle Tue 17-Jul-07 16:15:37

i love pm. i love eddie mair. i think all presenters shoudl be as camp as him.

Carnoodleusfudge Tue 17-Jul-07 16:16:58

I find Woman's Hour just a bit condescending sometimes bith to interviewees and listeners.

But of course what more could I want than Andrew Marr Starting my Week!

EffiePerine Tue 17-Jul-07 16:20:54

<jumps up and down>

I did a small science bit on WH once

they are few and far between though

EffiePerine Tue 17-Jul-07 16:21:50

and I like midweek, prob cos Weds is my day at home so I have time to listen to it (plus I like Libby Purves)

hannahsaunt Tue 17-Jul-07 16:25:14

I love Woman's Hour and used the listen again function obsessively when in Oz for the year - kept me going through the ironing. You would appreciate it if subjected to ABC radio for a year!

bundle Tue 17-Jul-07 16:25:50

effie what was it? (am ws prod in science)

TinyGang Tue 17-Jul-07 16:31:36

Jenni Murray can be quite scary - I think some guests are a bit in awe of her.

I do like her though and love R4.

I am sure beyond anything, that for a shaky couple of years way back when I was a gibbering wreck, that R4 actually kept me sane.

Lol at Tiana's example of a tenuous radio link

My favourite will always be John Peel though. I really miss him

Tigana Tue 17-Jul-07 16:38:55

But WH can't be a "female perspective on news" as I don't think how to train roses is "news", nor are bereavement issues.
It is a woman's 'magazine' programme surely?

I credit R4 with first stopping, then reversing, the rapid decline in my vocabulary and thought processing post-baby.

I like it male? I thought it was just 'current affairs'.

EffiePerine Tue 17-Jul-07 16:41:57

bundle: v small piece on Hertha Ayrton, top woman scientist . Wish they'd put more science on as getting women into SET is still a big battle.

EffiePerine Tue 17-Jul-07 16:43:19

I love PM and BH (am obv offically middle aged)

UnquietDad Tue 17-Jul-07 16:43:41

I like Libby Purves too.

I caught it once when they had a debate about fathers which I knew was coming up so I made a point of listening. Jenni Murray couldn't resist a sideswipe at the "lack of men phoning in". I shouted at the radio (well, the computer actually, "It's because everyone is at WORK, you silly cow."

Telling that there isn't a "Men's Hour" though.
I remember at college various of the more feminist members of the student committee jumping up and down and foaming at the mouth at the perfectly reasonable proposal for debate that there should be a Men's Officer as well as rthe long-established post of Women's Officer.

FuriousGeorge Tue 17-Jul-07 21:26:38

I teared up at WH this morning too.I listen to R4 on my wind up radio,whilst at work & like Womans Hour.The rose bit was a bit rubbish though.I'm a gardener & even I wasn't interested.

The play they are doing in the afternoons this week is pretty good too,about 2 children being taken into care & possibly being adopted.

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