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<sob> Feel rough and it's DD's trip tomorrow!

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FlameDelacour Mon 16-Jul-07 20:58:13

My throat feels horrible, my tongue is a sort of luminous yellow (yeah yeah, far too much TMI), and i feel tonsillitis-y.

Tis DD's preschool trip tomorrow and I'm meant to be going too.

Just wanting sympathy really!!!

FlameDelacour Mon 16-Jul-07 21:33:27


IdrisTheDragon Mon 16-Jul-07 21:34:23

and hot lemon and honey
and an early night?

FlameDelacour Tue 17-Jul-07 07:41:48

Thank you - have woken with my throat slightly better, but feeling very queasy and a thumping headache.

If they were to announce when I arrive that they have far too many parents helping, I would gladly send her alone and crawl back into bed

Jas Tue 17-Jul-07 07:45:06


I hope you feel better once you are out[hopeful]

Surfermum Tue 17-Jul-07 07:46:46

Aww Flame, I was like this over the weekend and I think dd has it now. I felt better after a couple of days. I'll send some positive vibes out for plenty of helpers for them. Where are they going?

FlameDelacour Tue 17-Jul-07 07:48:45

Monkey World Faaaaaaaaaar too much walking

Surfermum Tue 17-Jul-07 07:51:21

Oh blimey, that's a tiring day.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 17-Jul-07 07:54:34

Well hope you have fun if you do go, or that you get some rest if you don't.

FlameDelacour Tue 17-Jul-07 07:55:05

You see the reason for the sobbing!

Jas Tue 17-Jul-07 15:36:53

Did you have to go?

Hoping you got to go home and go back to bed.....

FlameDelacour Tue 17-Jul-07 17:10:20

Bed it was

Jas Tue 17-Jul-07 18:05:08

Good. Are you feeling better?

FlameDelacour Tue 17-Jul-07 18:28:15

A bit - head is pounding. My mum has brought round dinner for us all

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