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My gorgeous thoughtful ds1

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tortoiseSHELL Mon 16-Jul-07 19:53:02

Ds1 (6) smashed my lovely china biscuit tin at the weekend - I was SO cross - he had climbed up onto the work bench in order to steal food. He was really sad about it, and after a few hours of being really subdued, said 'never mind Mum, you can always buy a new one', so I explained they were very expensive, and I couldn't afford one at the moment. To which he thought for a while, and then said 'Mum, I've got a pottery set' (his godfather gave him an ELC pottery wheel kit a year or so ago, which he's not used very much yet) - 'I will MAKE you a new biscuit tin, and you will have it much quicker than buying one, because I will make it today.'

We haven't done it yet, but I'm determined that we'll have a go, because he really WANTS to put things right!

He is lovely.

floo Mon 16-Jul-07 21:18:28

How sweet .

hockeypuck Mon 16-Jul-07 21:21:42

ah love him

Hope he stays that way for ever he sounds lovely

Hulababy Mon 16-Jul-07 21:24:50

Ah bless him. Sometimes you just can't stay cross for long can you?

tortoiseSHELL Mon 16-Jul-07 21:32:18

He is a sweetheart. Can be hideous, but when he's sweet he's SO lovely!

moljam Mon 16-Jul-07 21:37:43

thats so cute!i would have become emotional!very thoughtful little man

tortoiseSHELL Mon 16-Jul-07 22:13:59

He does lots of things that make me emotional!

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