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Streatham - what's it like for families?

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imtheirmum Sat 14-Jul-07 10:45:18

What's Streatham like as a place to bring up kids? Are there any kid friendly restaurants and cafe's? And how about parks, playgroups - and transport?? Nothing like an insider's view!!!

Hallgerda Sat 14-Jul-07 17:24:07

I live in Streatham. There are various pizza places, a noodlery and lots of cafés that have lots of children inside, so they are presumably child friendly. There is plenty of green space - Tooting Common, Streatham Common and several smaller parks. I'm not up to date on playgroups as my youngest's 8, but you'd probably find something. Transport's pretty good - lots of bus routes, train lines to Victoria and London Bridge (oh, and Croydon and Sutton and Clapham Junction etc).

As I haven't lived anywhere else with children, I can't really compare it to other places.

imtheirmum Sun 15-Jul-07 21:12:32

thanks for that, any other thoughts from Streatham mums?

serenity Sun 15-Jul-07 21:39:34

It's better than it used to be as far as I can tell, but tbh there's nothing that leaps out to me actually in Streatham itself. I usually travel out with the DCs.

Soft play - couple of Ok ones in Mitcham (the Hub is the best) Tigers Eye in Colliers Wood,

Parks - depends what end you're at, I'm down near the Common. The swing park at the bottom is alright, but I wouldn't go at weekends or during the holidays - too packed with older kids. The Rookery at the top is pretty nice though - flower gardens for the Dcs to run around and a lovely fairly secret picnic area. Two paddling pools, one by the swing park I avoid but the one at the top near the Rookery is grassy and nice even if it does get a bit busy sometimes.

Generally we prefer the swings on Tooting Bec Common, or to travel to Dulwich Park, Crystal Palace Park or Kelsey Park in Beckingam - bit of a drive but pretty near perfect as far as parks go imo.

Transport - really good public transport to pretty much everywhere. Trains and buses in Streatham, tube down the road in Brixton.

Cafes - er Nandos? There's a nice cafe called The Fresh Bean Cafe down my end, fairly new, does great coffees and sandwiches and actually advertises for M&Ts to go there.

I'll try and think of some other stuff for you, or if you've got any specific questions?

goingfor3 Mon 16-Jul-07 12:45:17

The cinema there is nice, called Streatham picture house and they have mother and baby screenings. The shopping centre near the station is really awful and made me want to leave the area as fast as I could but as I've only walked between the two places I can't be too judgemental.

Blu Mon 16-Jul-07 13:06:09

Lots of little enclaves in Streatham have a good community feel - especially if close to a school with a tight catchment - look at Hitherfield, St Julian's (Streatham / W Norwood borders) or Streatham Wells. (I know less about the ones further South. Is Granton in Streatham?) But check - proximity can sometimes need to be v close.

Streatham is a huge area - transport is v good - if you are in the streatham Hill area you have a choice of Streatham Hill overground or down to Tulse Hill for the Thameslink, with a v quick connection to the excellent polka theatre, for instance. Short distance from some v good big parks - as mentioned by Serenity - I like brockwell, too, and there are v nice small neighbourhood parks - e.g Hillside gardens, which has a one o'clock club, also Unigate Woods. There is a playgroup and active toddlers club at St Margarets Chruch in Streatham Hill, and also I believe at the big Church near the Sainsbury's up the other end of Stretham. Depending on where you live, it can be within close reach (even walking) to Tooting Lido or Brockwell lido.

Cafes - well, the High Rd is horrible (has a good selection of shops but is 6 lanes of A23), but Pizza express does well as child-friendly, as does Perfect Blend in the day - I have seen lots of Mums and babes / toddlers in there.

I think it depends a lot on the group oif streets you are in and immediate locality - in our cololection of roads everyoine says hello and all the parents know each other. Look at schools ofsteds, etc. But, as a recent convert to Streatham (from Brixton) I would say that it still represents good value compared to similiar areas, and yes, is a good place to bring up kids. I live at the Streatham Hill end.

Not sure where the Stretham picture house is....but there is a big Odeon in the High Rd.

Blu Mon 16-Jul-07 13:07:43

Also - Streatham has an excellent class of MN-ers - with yet more a short bus ride down the hill in Brixton.

Hallgerda Mon 16-Jul-07 13:40:20

goingfor3, there isn't a Streatham Picture House (I'm fairly sure the Odeon doesn't do parent and baby screenings) and nor is there anything that could be remotely described as a "shopping centre", scary or otherwise. Have you got the right place?

The much-derided High Road has some hidden gems - an excellent Polish deli, a greengrocer that sells a very wide range of fruit and vegetables (so you can bribe whining toddlers with something more PC than sweets )and a very good health food shop.

goingfor3 Mon 16-Jul-07 13:43:16

Whoops it must have been stratford then, I did think that Streatham was quite a trendy place.

batters Mon 16-Jul-07 14:44:58

I love living in Streatham . Know I am repeating info from other posters here but..

Like all places, there are some very noisy bits and some quiet bits, so it is worth thinking about that when you think about somewhere to live.

There are a fair amount of One oclock clubs in Streatham I think. But when my dd was younger we did go to the Battersea Park one oclock club a lot as it was in far superior surrounds.

Great transport links. Can walk to lots of other places too - West Norwood, Dulwich, Tooting, Balham, even Brixton if you fancy it.

Good sense of community in general.

Great activities for older kids - brownies, tae kwondo, pottery, drama, gym etc.

You've just missed the Streatham Festival which is a shame, it would have been a nice thing for you to go to if you are thinking about moving to SW16.

Fabulous Polish and Mediterranean shops and bakeries. In fact shopping in Streatham isn't that bad in general. And as you are 20 mins train ride away from Wimbledon / West Croydon / the West End anyway, I don't think that it particularly matters really.

Haven't lived anywhere else with a child, so can't compare.

Odeon USED to do kid's cinema (may be doing it again for all I know) every Saturday.


serenity Mon 16-Jul-07 15:06:19

Kids Club at the Odeon is still going. We were there on Sunday - 3 adults and 3 DCs watching Barnyard (which we hadn't seen yet)for £7.50, just my sort of price

mumto2nuttybells Mon 16-Jul-07 15:08:09

Ive been told its rough but no one can tell you any better then someone who lives there. If your unsure go to their local police station and ask what the crimes like there.

Blu Mon 16-Jul-07 22:19:14

Well, yes, compared to Dulwich Village it probably is. There has been a little spate of bak robberies in the High rd, but then the bank in Herne Hill (a mile away), on the corner of a road where houses cost £1.5 million has now closed down because it has so many robberies!

I think Batters caused a bit of a scene in Lidl with some rough behaviour once, but even she is calming down these days.

imtheirmum Tue 17-Jul-07 00:22:43

Thank you all, this is just the sort of local knowledge the charming estate agents can't give you!! I think it struck me that if you lived kind of half way between the streatham main road and the west norwood main road you might feel a bit isolated - ie not really walkable to shops etc?? But good to hear there is stuff going on generally!

Hallgerda Tue 17-Jul-07 09:38:38

There are several small shops round there if you run out of milk and eggs - a newsagent and a sub post office on Leigham Vale, a Spar attached to the garage on Leigham Court Road and another newsagent/convenience store further up LCR towards the common. Avoid running out of fresh cream though! I would have said Streatham or West Norwood would be walkable, but not with a weekly shop for the family. On the positive side, there are amazing views from some of the houses in that area (and if you go down to West Norwood to the shops from there, you can save on gym membership by taking your shopping uphill home ).

batters Tue 17-Jul-07 10:33:06

imtheirmum - I live sort of where you are thinking about I think. If you CAT me am happy to discuss my knowledge of the area with you more.

blu - LOL!! Since my ASBO I've not been half the menace I used to be.

Blu Tue 17-Jul-07 14:44:48

Imtheremum - there are also little mini-supermarket shops on the corner of Amesbury Rd and Hillside rd if it is the Northern side of the railway line. And one of those small buses runs along the High rd, then along Downton Avenue and then to Herne Hill (I think).

Look at schools and proximity.....unless you are heading private.

batters Tue 17-Jul-07 15:06:07

the P13 blu! Although it is mostly a mythical beast, turning up when least expected and then not being spotted again for weeks.

Blu Tue 17-Jul-07 15:11:42

Like the Sydenham Panther.

But more useful.

So are you moving to Streatham, itm?

Any roads in mind?

katiept Sun 23-Oct-16 12:35:13

Hi Streatham mums & dads,
I wanted to ask a question... I am a local personal trainer and was thinking of running some exercise groups in the Streatham area...would anyone be keen for this?
Just wanted to get the feelers out there for feedback and then decide on days and times?
Any suggestions and feedback much appreciated.


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