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is there a way i can use my google browser without everything i've searched popping up as soon as i start typing?!

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cutekids Fri 13-Jul-07 14:05:09

eg:if i start something beginning with the letter "G", i get everything on my browser beginning with it!!!
don't particularly want hubbie/kids knowing every site if i've been on....!

UnquietDad Fri 13-Jul-07 14:07:23

What's your browser?
On Firefox, go to Tools & Options menu then clear "Saved Form Info".

I'm sure someone else can tell you what to do on Internet Exploder.

southeastastra Fri 13-Jul-07 14:08:51

highlight it then press delete

cutekids Fri 13-Jul-07 14:22:13

can't do either!

cutekids Fri 13-Jul-07 14:22:23

can't do either!

hotcrumpets Fri 13-Jul-07 14:23:41

Tools, internet Options, then turn Auto Complete off

hotcrumpets Fri 13-Jul-07 14:24:14

well I think so anyway

Scanner Fri 13-Jul-07 14:27:13

a few years ago I googled my ex husbands name completely innocently - I was just being nosy. Ex's name begins with A and every time dh typed in something beginning with A ex's name came up, so dh knew I'd googled him. Eventually he told me and said he'd been worrying about it - I'd been wondering why dh had seemed down. Poor thing had worried that we'd got back in touch etc all over nothing.

HappyDaddy Fri 13-Jul-07 14:29:08

Right click on it, or on the drop down arrow. Then choose, or deselect, the bit that says keep history (or something like it).

Pain in the bum, innit?

cutekids Fri 13-Jul-07 14:31:13

can't do either!

hotcrumpets Fri 13-Jul-07 14:32:22

how do you mean? if you go into tools and then internet options do you have a tab at the top that says content?

UnquietDad Fri 13-Jul-07 15:06:20

cutekids, you must give us more to go on. When you say you can't do it, what do you mean? That you can'tfind the menu? You click and nothing happens? What?

Tell us which browser you are on and how far you get.

There are lots of people on here who will help but you must give us something to work with!!

HappyDaddy Fri 13-Jul-07 17:07:22

I know what you mean. You mean the little search box in the google toolbar, don't you?

My tip should work. Unless there's an options bit if you click on the G in the logo.

Speccy Fri 13-Jul-07 17:11:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HappyDaddy Fri 13-Jul-07 17:24:16

there is an option in there to turn that off, somewhere.

Speccy Fri 13-Jul-07 17:28:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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