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Took great delight this afternoon in getting my norks out (in the park) and feeding DS3........

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fannyannie Thu 12-Jul-07 16:37:05

and really p*ssing off the single most annoying woman that (occasionally) comes to the mums and toddler group.

She's the self professed, "i work, my children are immaculate, my house is immaculate, you DON'T need any pain relief during labour, my children are already lentil weaving" type and has seriously annoyeed me in the past (when she told me - before DS3 was born - that there was no need to have anything other than gas and air when I was telling her about my horror birth withh DS2......). Not to mention looking down her nose at practically everything any of the "normal" mums (the other 99.99% of them) do ro say (not sure why she comes really - but the it's usually only for our Teddy Bears Picnic, Christmas Party etc etc.....).

Anyhow, we were discussing feeding and this "wonderfully" mother who claims she would only do the best for her precious darlings (read brats ) admitted that she

a) didn't see the point of breastfeeding - FF perfectly ok

b) was definitely not going to breastfeed in public, dreadful thing to do those that BF should do it out of sight.

She didn't know at this point that I'm still bf'ing DS3 a bit. Then mid conversation DS3 (who is actually mostly FF these days, but still has his morning BF and an occasional expressed bottle) wanted a he got a bonus one bf - out came the norks and on he went in the middle of the park.

All the other mums (regulars) carried on as normal (they didn't care - just wished I'd given him a bottle so they could feed him ) she looked absolutely mortified and then suggested that I

a) either put my jacket over to "hide" the fact that DS3 was feeding, or go and sit on the bench away from the group so that the children couldn't see !

Needless to say I told her where to go (politely) and she got lots of dirty looks from the other mums too .

Made my day

sweetkitty Thu 12-Jul-07 16:39:48

excellent she sounds like a wierd control freak, I bet her life is falling apart behind closed doors.

People who feel the need to belittle others usually are so insecure it's the only way they can feel normal.

dobbysayswoof Thu 12-Jul-07 16:47:36

She has some ishoos there I think...
Good for you - must have felt v satisfying

jellyjelly Thu 12-Jul-07 21:08:07

Fabulous glad you did. I wish i had the confidence to feed in public it was hard enough at home.

fannyannie Thu 12-Jul-07 21:41:52

It was very satisfying - certainly made any niggling doubts I have about putting DS3 mainly onto FF completely disappear - I'm doing it because it's better for us as a family as a whole as opposed to thinking it doesn't make any difference which he gets (hence the reason I'm still giving him his morning BF and expresing lots too so he can have a bottle of EBM sometimes)......oh and of course the odd daytime 'snack' when I get ignorant people like that )

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Thu 12-Jul-07 21:44:23

pmsl! Wish had seen her face!!!

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