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What were your feelings when your dd/ds went off on a school trip for the first time?

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earlgrey Tue 10-Jul-07 07:26:57

The place was filthy, what would she eat - if anything - will she get to sleep in a dormitory of 12? I just thought one of the teachers (who are all lovely) might send us an email letting us know how they all got on. I'm so worried for her, she's never been away from us before.

earlgrey Tue 10-Jul-07 07:28:05

And she's not home 'till Wednesday.

katelyle Tue 10-Jul-07 07:36:25

Earlgrey - I'm in the same boat, but mine's not back til Friday! Have you had a look at the website of the place they're going? I found it very reassuring - and I'm having to stop myself obsessively looking at it. I'm not worried about dirt or not sleeping really. I'm worried that she's not having fun!

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