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Gaga Sun 11-Aug-02 08:48:46

Does anyone know of buggy friendly walks in Sheffield and the Peak District?We have a two year old who can not walk that far yet and a seven month old in a sling. So child friendly is the key but with getting out into the countryside!
Also any great days out for toddlers in this area?
Thanks for any advice in advance.

Gumdrop Mon 12-Aug-02 13:40:59

There is lots of walking around Castleton. You could climb Mam Tor and make it "the first mountain" for your youngsters (not as hard as its sounds because you can drive up to about 1/2 mile / 200 ft in height from the top -You might struggle to get a buggy up it though).

I think (??) the Sheffield trains go to Castleton if you're on Shanks'. Also Castleton has teashops - useful in current summer weather.

Gumdrop Mon 12-Aug-02 13:47:46

Or try on net, and have a look through the visitor guide stuff - it includes disabled access walks / sites, so presumably buggy friendly.

PS looks like there is a festival in Castleton on 17th Aug.(OK - so I like the place, apologies if it comes across as a bit OTT).

Gaga Mon 12-Aug-02 20:49:13

Thanks Gumdrop, will try.

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