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Facial hair advice

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mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:18:49

For my postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker.

Who is a woman with a full thick wiry moustache and tufty pubic-hair-like clumps on her chin.

She plucks what she can but it's painful.
The epilator makes her cry.
She has tried wax strips. They took the skin clear off, but left the hair untouched.
She has tried hair removal cream, it didn't touch it, but it burned her skin. She had scabs. Nice.
She tried bleaching, but the hair was so so noticable, still.
She shaves, but has a 5 o clock shadow and lovely stubble.

So, what advice do you have for my postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker?

expatinscotland Mon 09-Jul-07 09:19:45

Laser. She needs to plump for laser hair removal.

Also, I would see a GP immediately.

Her excess hair could be caused by a hormonal imbalance.

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:20:39

Oh and my postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker bought one of those electric shock kill it at the root things and it didn't touch it.

expatinscotland Mon 09-Jul-07 09:21:17

The laser will. It's not cheap, but it will reduce the hair growth or even elimate it entirely.

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 09:22:39

Someone I used to work with had laser treatment and it worked very well.
I wonder if it is available on the NHS?

ggglimpopo Mon 09-Jul-07 09:23:14

No advice but poor poor woman.

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:23:38

Thank you. I will look into that.

expatinscotland Mon 09-Jul-07 09:23:43

No, it is not available on the NHS.

It really shouldn't be with all the other priorities out there.

It's about £250/treatment, but for some people (dark hair, fair skin), only 3 treatments are required.

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:24:39

I mean my postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker will look into that



Thanks for advice. Off to google laser treatments.

chevre Mon 09-Jul-07 09:26:57

oddly my postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker has the same problem - ahem.

she has started using ipl. second treatment last week and i think it is looking pretty good. £50 a shot and hopefully 4-6 shots will shift it. not super painful just abit of a jolt and the satifying smellof unwanted hair being nuked.

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 09:28:50

I see your point Expat, but I have googled and I have found a number of places where the NHS treats excessive hair growth with laser.
Seems to be a GP referral thing.
Has your postmans (etc etc) been to their doctor MTPW?

expatinscotland Mon 09-Jul-07 09:29:31

Must be a postcode lottery then.

I sure hate to think of what trusts who are offering this are cutting in exchange, tbh.

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:30:05

Chevre - where does your postman's next door neighbours cousin's best friend's dog walker go? It is something done by hairdressers? How do you know who is good and who is going to nuke your face??

I mean your postman's next door nei....

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 09:31:46

No W. Can't pluck (pardon the pun!) up the courage to arrive at gp and go help me I'm a beardy weirdy.

Plus, I would have to allow growth in order to show him.

Not a chance!

Oh - would I have to grow it to allow that treatment Chevre suggested?

chevre Mon 09-Jul-07 09:35:11

i go to a beautician that i have been going to for years they are really lovely. one of them nearly passed out giving me a full wax when i was v. pregnant - lots of contortion required. so i trust them implicitedly. they started doing ipl a while back and have tried it themselves with good results. i suppose you should wait 2 more months and then ask me if it really works. thing is if i clear my face i will probably bankrupt myself on the rest!

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 09:35:39

I think whatever treatment you take there will need to be something to get hold of. Perhaps with the exception of laser? Your local NHS trust website has details of a laser place in Nottingham.

chevre Mon 09-Jul-07 09:36:24

just read last post. no you don't have to grow it you can shave in between treatments. infact they shave you just before blasting them.

baffledbb Mon 09-Jul-07 09:46:17

Would be worth a trip to the docs. They have a couple of options for treating - including a fairly new cream called vaniqua (as far as I know it retards hair growth.)

The person I knew (ahem) went for IPL as well and it was great albeit expensive, and yes the hair did have to be visible which that person knows is excrutiaingly embarassing (and the reason that person never got electrolysis) but it was short term pain for definate longterm gain and is so much quicker than the electrolysis route.

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