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Is there anyway to tell how much gas there is left in a butane calor gas cylinder?

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schnapps Sun 08-Jul-07 20:59:18

I've got a 4.5kg butane calor gas cylinder but have no idea how much gas there is left in it. Is there any way to tell?

KbearBrockovich Sun 08-Jul-07 21:41:04

The way to tell is go camping, start your fry-up, wait until the sausages are half way cooked then the gas will run out and then you know it's empty .

My Dad shook our one when I asked him the same question and said knowingly "plenty left in there". Not particularly useful knowledge, plenty for boiling and egg or plenty for a week's holiday?

I am keen to know the answer to this.

Milliways Sun 08-Jul-07 21:44:29

I have seen a sticker thing that you stick on side of cannister & it shows how much is left. Wanted to get one but DH assured me it would be useless.

Think you can weigh it & work out whats left if you know the weight of an empty one.

PITA aren't they

PandaG Sun 08-Jul-07 21:45:58

have seen a gizmo in a camping shop thta you attach to the cylinder and it tells you how full it is - about £4 iirc. Can't tell you the name of the gadgert though, sorry

All the sites we have camped on have sold gas though, even if they did not have a shop.

schnapps Sun 08-Jul-07 23:42:30

Thanks for replies.

I've managed to find a simple way of finding out how much gas is left in a cylinder without having to buy a gizmo though here

mymama Sun 08-Jul-07 23:51:27

Another way is to pour boiling water on the outside of the cylinder. The water will condense where there is gas iyswim. My dh does this all of the time.

KbearBrockovich Mon 09-Jul-07 11:44:36

schnapps, I knew that answer already but didn't want to confuse you

Tinkercat107 Mon 15-Jul-19 15:45:19

Gas cylinder marked 4.5kg holds that weight of gas. There is an aluminium collar round the neck of the bottle stamped with the weight of the empty bottle in pounds(lbs) and ounces(oz) e.g. 12 10 which means 12lbs 10oz. Convert that to kg = 5.7kg. Weigh your bottle in kgs and subtract 5.7 to give the weight of gas left. e.g. 8.22kgs - 5.7kgs = 1.59kgs so bottle is approx one third full.

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