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nappyaddict Sat 07-Jul-07 14:31:38

how do i change from a premier to a personal account?

Flamesparrow Sat 07-Jul-07 14:32:38

I don't think you can change back

nappyaddict Sat 07-Jul-07 14:40:01

weird considering i never asked to be changed.

Flamesparrow Sat 07-Jul-07 14:46:09

Ooh I assumed you had changed in the first place.

PossibleEntrant Sat 07-Jul-07 14:54:17

You have to change the first time someone tries to pay with credit card rather than debit card I think. Could this have happened?

nappyaddict Sat 07-Jul-07 15:24:24

oh possibly.

nappyaddict Sat 07-Jul-07 15:28:40

do you not get a choice then?

PossibleEntrant Sat 07-Jul-07 17:53:35

When it happened to us we were told that our buyer had tried to pay by dcredit card and we would have to either reject his payment or upgrade our account to accept it.

It is a pain though as you then get charged a % of every transaction for ever more.

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