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Anyone want any boys Grey Shorts?

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Beetroot Thu 05-Jul-07 19:53:10

age 9/10?

TnOgu Thu 05-Jul-07 19:54:07


TnOgu Thu 05-Jul-07 19:54:55

Thank you

lljkk Thu 05-Jul-07 19:58:49

me, do you want postage? Can I cat you?

Beetroot Thu 05-Jul-07 19:59:37

oh regular MNetter only I am afraid

Beetroot Thu 05-Jul-07 20:01:24

you can email me on beetroot beetroot at hotmail dot co dot uk

Beetroot Thu 05-Jul-07 22:34:43

school shorts btw

Aero Thu 05-Jul-07 22:36:28

Oh we could do with some Beety. Ds1 is 9 so should fit. Will email you.

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