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Survey on creed perfume, anyone wear it?

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kittywits Wed 04-Jul-07 16:46:52

I thought I'd invest in some perfume by creed. Never heard of it until recently (ignorant I know), but it gets good write ups. Just wondered if anyone here has some, which one ?

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 16:50:59

Creed? Really? What strange name. Fancy that. Now I'd like a perfume called Morality, or Nicene or Apostle or something.

There probably already is one, actually.

They have strange names perfumes don't they?

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 16:56:40

Or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. That'd be quite weird, you could collect the bottles and they'd have sandals at the bottom.

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:00:03

This isn't shaping up to be much of a survey really is it?

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:07:37

Am very aware that I'm standing here leaning against the perfume counter, but just in case anyone wanders past, or kitty comes back, I was wondering where do you read a write-up of a perfume?

I imagine it'd be a bit like a wine review. Subtle with hint of summer and a delicate tang of orange oil, sort of thing?

Bellie Wed 04-Jul-07 17:09:30

Dh wears the male Creed - and it is gorgeous! Not seen the womens version though sorry - not much help for your survey!

Bellie Wed 04-Jul-07 17:09:30

Dh wears the male Creed - and it is gorgeous! Not seen the womens version though sorry - not much help for your survey!

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 17:09:49

I had a sniff of a couple recently and they were pretty nice-mens were nicer.

However,I found my perfume heaven in Space NK the other day and now there is no going back.

Blardy ridiculously expensive but it won't be my "day fragrance".

So exciting to find a fragrance I luuuuurve.

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:10:30

Which is it Whooosh? I quite like the Laughter one.

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 17:14:32

I do wear laughter but that wasn't the one I meant-my new one is far more expensive.

'Tis ^Tiempe Passate^ by Antonia's Flowers and is heavenly.

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 17:19:53


ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:23:13

Golly, I'm ignoring the price, stubbornly, and focusing on the sell. Warm summer nights and first loves. I want it. Is it that good? Does it stay on? Shall I get it too?

What if we bump into each other on mn and we're both wearing it. It'll be hedonistic heaven

Also quite jealous about the whole flower shop in East Hampton thing.

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 17:28:10

Perfumes are just such a personal thing-I really do adore it but you should go and get a whiff for yourself.
Many people have asked what it is when I wear it,I guess becasue it isn't a fragrance you smell all the time.

What could be better than warm Summer nights and first loves?

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:30:05

God well quite, it totally sold it to me. I've completely failed to get either jewellery or a dress for a wedding this weekend, perhaps I could splash out on this instead, and just wear mad crumpled thing from the laundry basket? I'm so excited. I finished jar of Jo Malone months ago.

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 17:37:22

Oh I really hope you like it-but you may just hate took a few minutes to grow on me and the day I got it I tried nearly every fragrance SpaceNK had.

ahundredtimes Wed 04-Jul-07 17:42:56

Okay will go test tomorrow. Shall report back. I have very high expectations of it though, I shall expect to be transported to the Hamptons, be wearing elegant white linen and be pushed on a swing by a first love, infinitely superior to my own first love.

I think this is reasonable? Don't you? For £98.00?

kittywits Wed 04-Jul-07 19:37:49

Ooh I LOVE fresia. Well I'll have to give that a go now. Cheers for that. Creed will have to wait

Whooosh Wed 04-Jul-07 20:32:21

Oh God-can't stand the pressure <<worried emoticon>>

kittywits Wed 04-Jul-07 22:34:12

It's expensive . According to the website the perfume is more flowery ( and a shed load more expensive) than the edt, what do you think?

katiekitty Thu 05-Jul-07 13:07:31

Didn't Cary Grant wear Creed fragrance? And I think Grace Kelly had a special fragrance made for her by Creed to wear on her wedding day...

Back to medern day now, The Creed 'Virgin Island Water' has received a lot of press coverage, it smells a bit coconutty-exotic, but not too Malibu, which one were you thinking of going for Kittywits?

shhhh Thu 05-Jul-07 14:24:06

I haven't smelt the womens ones but dh has the mens...he has had about 3 different ones..

Most recently millesime...and I must admit it smells devine .! I think its quite expensive for aftershave (over £100 a bottle) but suppose that menas that not everyone smells the same.!! Also apparently "christian troy" wears it..Now that must be a reason to drown your dh's in it..!!!

Never thoight about womens..Hmmm..think I will have to drop a hint to dh .

BTW I wear Narciso Rodriguez (her) and its luuurrrvvvlley . Quite pricey as well at around £80 (?) a bottle

expatinscotland Thu 05-Jul-07 14:28:05

My dad wears a Creed one and it smells LOVELY!

He's worn it for decades.

shhhh Thu 05-Jul-07 15:19:09

YOUR DAD..! Bless him..!! Thing is expat, it was probably introduced in his younger days.!

My dad regularly reminds me of how he had a burberry coat when he was a "lad"...50 years ago..! It was an essential part of his school uniform and he hated it..Gosh..I wouldn't have complained. Well maybe not burberry BUT give me a dior school uniform anyday .!

kittywits Thu 05-Jul-07 21:30:22

katiekitty, i fancied a flowery one, but I've got a tester of the 'Virgin island' one and it's very addictive. I also think it makes my hungry as it smells so good
Anyway I went and bought soem of the Antia's flowers recommended by Whoosh, bloody expensive, but I love the smell of fresias (sp?), feel a bit guilty about shelling out over £100, but reckon I hardly ever treat myself. I'd love to be able to afford some Virgin island water too!! (greedy)

EarlSinclair Thu 05-Jul-07 21:30:51

LOLOL at hundred

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