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Ideas to sort my house into an easy living home

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Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 11:27:08

We have a four story house.

It is in need to total renovation

This will not happen for another year or so - but we need to have a tgemporary solutions.

1. sheets and towels - will be in built in airing cupboard at present they are in a suitcase. What could I buy ?

2 Kids clothes - they will all have built in wardrobes etc - but I need osmething for now

3. storage?

eandh Tue 03-Jul-07 11:32:07

How about cheap clothes rail for childrens clothes (can get them in argos or any local shops closing down normally sell then off cheap) or plastic stotage boxes for small things like t-shirts/underwear/socks etc can then be reused for toy storage after wardrobes up?

eandh Tue 03-Jul-07 11:34:42

rails from argos chTerms=rail

2nd set down

eandh Tue 03-Jul-07 11:36:40

these are cheaper

MrsKrabadger Tue 03-Jul-07 11:45:05

1. Leave sheets and towels in suitcase or buy something you'll use again (ottoman, coffee table storage trunk thing)
Actually I'm trying to get rid of my old university trunk (impending BadgerCub forces declutter) and it'd make a super linen chest - fancy it?

2. Rails as per Argos links with one of these on for socks etc.

3. Buy storage solutions you'll use once renovations completed - don't waste cash on temporary ones unless you could (eg) put toys in plastic crates for now, the re-use them for storing loft stuff later. IE buy the nice bookcases and put them in the wrong room till thr right one is ready etc

Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 11:48:50

Good ideads - everything will be built in so any storage solutions have to be temporary.

MrsKrabadger Tue 03-Jul-07 11:57:19

(if you need access to the books rather than packing them away B&Q Value bookcases are a good stopgap - the 'slim' ones are only 20cm so good for landings and tight spaces but still take A4)

Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 12:01:40

that might be good.

thank you

chocolateteapot Tue 03-Jul-07 12:03:18

I haven't got an airing cupboard and have all the sheets and towels on a book case atm. We're scrapping around for stuff to furnish a temporary place we're moving into shortly and will be renovating, so I need to be able to move stuff around easily. I think I'm going to get some of those canvas wardrobes you can get as so that stuff is covered up and hopefully won't get as dusty as it would otherwise.

BrandineSpuckler Tue 03-Jul-07 12:09:28

This is a cheap stop-gap for children's clothes, so long as they don't have many!

Looks a bit nicer than the usual tubular metal variety (that usually break within 3 weeks anyway - especially if you regularly hang more than 2 items on them at a time).

Actually, the Jojo website has a few nice bits that wouldn't break the bank.

Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 12:16:27

yes htat is nice -

Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 12:16:27

yes htat is nice -

Beetroot Tue 03-Jul-07 14:14:27


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