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music suggestions linked to religion.

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twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 22:18:17

I am putting togther a podcast that my students have made and want some music suggestions,the podcast is on why we do RE in school.

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 22:43:01

if not religion something school or work linked.

Katymac Mon 02-Jul-07 22:46:29

I'm thinking - but not getting far

Inspirational? Native American Chants/Ladysmith
Questioning god?
Thoughtful? Classical Grieg Morning?Pastoral?

Another brick in the wall?

fryalot Mon 02-Jul-07 22:55:16

more than this by Peter Gabriel

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 22:59:11

losing my religion (REM)

newlifenewname Mon 02-Jul-07 22:59:35

stairway to heaven

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 23:00:12

I like those but am not sure the kids will have heard of them. they want the black eyed peas where is the love but it doesnt fit.

Even a song asking why am I here.

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 23:01:07

dp suggested working 9 till five!

newlifenewname Mon 02-Jul-07 23:04:05

there's a deep house mix of he's got the whoel world in his hands

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 23:04:30

take that (pray)
robbie williams (angels)everyones heard that

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 23:04:57

newlifenewname lol

newlifenewname Mon 02-Jul-07 23:12:45

bee gees staying alive

UnquietDad Mon 02-Jul-07 23:17:58

What about "One of Us" by Joan Osborne?

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 23:18:28

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 23:24:54

I have shown them that before, it is one of my treats I give out for good behaviour!

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 23:37:40

try this

twinsetandpearls Mon 02-Jul-07 23:38:43

had forgot about that it used to be one of my core tunes!

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 23:39:09

and this

kidsrus Mon 02-Jul-07 23:44:56

these look fun but its not music

kidsrus Tue 03-Jul-07 00:01:47

sorry i got carried away with this! last one im off to bed now

good night i enjoyed searching hope they helped

twinsetandpearls Tue 03-Jul-07 00:07:21

thanks, am taking a mumsnet break for a while as I am allowing people to piss me off but you have reminded me that there are helpful people on here so at least my last post was a nice one.

kidsrus Tue 03-Jul-07 22:22:42

my dh came up with this one for you but i bet your kids already know about this one.

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