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COD!!! You there? I need your wisdom please!!!!

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ConnieLingus Mon 02-Jul-07 14:37:35

As last week, my mum was caught drink driving. 107mg level.
Her hearing was at 13:45 but I've not heard anything from her yet.

How long do these things take???? [worried emoticion]

CodHun Mon 02-Jul-07 14:38:24

oh god she coudl eb there hours.

they may tryand do a stand down report that afternoon if she is facign community punishement

or he Jps coudl be whopping it up wiht post munch cocktails w[ink]

ConnieLingus Mon 02-Jul-07 14:45:50

Thanks - dad just called

18 month ban, revoked licence, £200 fine plus costs

They did her for failing to provide cos she couldn't blow into the bag at the time [shame]

CodHun Mon 02-Jul-07 14:46:46


ConnieLingus Mon 02-Jul-07 14:54:28

Uh-huh. Think she's not going to bother.

Moral dilemma - DH is a driving instructor!!!

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