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womens things, u know , the bits n pieces

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Tortington Wed 07-Aug-02 00:55:24

after fairly normal menstrual cycle for years, am suddenly having periods fortnighly. and i have the worse PMT that builds up like the water in a hose pipe that someone had trodden on. and then i go "pop" the day before i start. ( which really does explain the rant about the beer in another thread!)

i told my doctor about the fortnightly periods and she said they would settle down after i had my coil out, also had a smear at same time and she thought everything else was how its supposed to be. its 6 months later nothing has changed and i wondered what it might be?

evening primrose for PMT really wont do, cant afford it and i had the coil cos i forgot to take tablets!

thank you

mears Wed 07-Aug-02 01:17:22

What age are you custardo? Unless you are entering the menopause you should not be having fortnightly periods. Ask for a referral to a gynaecologist. Could be that you are needing supplementary hormones.

Alibubbles Wed 07-Aug-02 09:52:39

I've been having that problem too, but at the moment I haven't had one for 30 day, bet it comes next week when I fly to Palm Desert, I have this uncanny knack of coming on when flying! (Was hald expecting it las week when I flew back from Italy with DS) DH says it's typical that I don't have my period when he's away!

I'm 45 in November, so I think it's the start of the menopause ( they call it the peri menopause) I am also much heavier than I used to be and bleed for about 7 days.

The doc can give you Ponstan to delay your period or Transemic acid tablets to cut the flow down.

My poor DD (16) is in Peru, but despite being on the pill has had two periods, last thing she needed in the jungle!

monkey Wed 07-Aug-02 12:34:04

Does anyone have any tips on speeding periods up? Is this at all possible? I hadn't had one for ages, then had Mirena coil fitted, then periods started again. While I used to be regular and 'normal' amount of bleeding, I'm now very light (normal I believe with Mirena) - I don't need anything more than a liner. But, my periods are 16 - 18 days apart and last for about 8 days. It's getting pretty tedious. Also, would having such crap periods cause problems trying to conceive - thinking of starting to try in the new year - on the strike of midnight if I have my way!

Sorry, that's probably far too much information.

Rhubarb Wed 07-Aug-02 14:58:02

I think you need a second opinion Custdie - is your GP one of several in a practice? Or as someone suggested, phone NHS Direct as they will tell you what to ask the GP and what to say. I think you should be referred to the Gyno, could be that the coil simply doesn't suit you. I'll do a quick search on the Net and see if this is one of it's sideeffects.

dejags Wed 07-Aug-02 15:27:15

Before having my first baby I had a pretty erratic cycle accompanied by the MOST HORRIFIC Pmt known to man (at least that's what DH would have you believe )

Anyway I did some research on the internet and tried several homeopathic approaches and finally stumbled on something that truly works.

I take Starflower Oil and Magnesium every day (both available at Sainsburys) and since then my PMT has all but disappeared. My cycles have also really settled down and you can set your watch by them.


Rhubarb Wed 07-Aug-02 15:32:01

Righty ho, I just had a quick look at info on the Mirena Coil and found that whilst a lot of other coils can cause heavy periods, the Mirena coil is supposed to lighten them, so that after having it fitted for 3 months your bleeding should be reduced by up to 95%. As you are not really the age for the menopause, the only other thing it could be is large fibroids, more information about them is here or maybe it wasn't fitted properly.

Heavy bleeding is also associated with a pregnancy outside the womb, but as you have been experiencing this for six months now that is unlikely. Do you get severe period pain too?

In any case I would say that your GP is not taking it very seriously at all and I would get a second opinion. It is unacceptable to have to put up with severe PMS and a period every 2 weeks. Do get yourself checked out or phone NHS Direct. But I think they would only tell you to see a Gyno, but they might give you a few more reasons why your periods are so regular.

Tortington Wed 07-Aug-02 20:03:35

sorry i wasnt very clear was i ! i had the coil removed , but thanks for looking rhuby! but this began before i had it removed and hasnt got any better. amd i am 30. sorry this is the lazy way of getting advice as you need an appointment 3 weeks in advance at my surgery ( since i moved i havent even seen my doctor yet , couldnt tell you his /her name even!) then there is the time off work thing cos they dont open late and its just a complete arseache!

thanks everyone

robinw Wed 07-Aug-02 21:31:47

message withdrawn

Rhubarb Wed 07-Aug-02 23:01:17

Hmm, still could be fibroids, that's all I could find when I looked up heavy bleeding. Either that or an early menopause. Do you not have a walk in clinic at your hospital? Might be worth ringing them to find out, they usually open at the evenings and weekends and deal with emergences instead of the doctors. Don't be afraid that you might be wasting their time or anything, last time I went when dd had bronchitus, there were people in there with kids who had plain old colds and one man who said he's been coughing for about two days now.

Keep me informed won't you?

Rhiannon Wed 07-Aug-02 23:09:14

I know I bang on about it (no pun intended) but you could try the Depo Provera injection every 12 weeks instead of the coil. I have not bled at all for over 3 years now. Apparently I have to have my oestrogen levels checked after 5 years to check there's no problems. But I feel fine, no PMT etc. R

Rhubarb Thu 08-Aug-02 00:01:59

I had that, very effective too, I went off sex absolutely and completely! Not that I was bothered though! However he was going to picket outside my GP's unless I came off!!!!

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