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SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:20:11

So, since my neighbours got one I'm thinking the 3 SmallDragons are neglected. Should I get them a 12 footer to keep up with the neighbours? Will they use it? Will it keep them out of my hair all summer (weather permitting)?

£200 or so from B&Q for trampoline, enclosure, ladder, anchors and cover.

Pixiefish Sun 01-Jul-07 16:22:02 have some fab trampolines and fairly cheap as well.

Go for it

snowwonder Sun 01-Jul-07 16:22:05

yeah go on......

i have bidded on ebay for one, just need to think about what i am going to do with the shed, as where the shed is is where the tramp will go!!!

hatrick Sun 01-Jul-07 16:22:18

Message withdrawn

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 16:22:19

Definatly get one. I'm on the look out for one as my kids would love it. Loads of people have them here, they are really popular and apart from theat one has to keep up with the neighbours

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:23:32

As the garden is mahoosive, there's no point going for a smaller trampoline is there?

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 16:24:14

Biggest you can afford, it's much more fun when everyone can get on!

Pixiefish Sun 01-Jul-07 16:24:30

we have massive gardens and went for the 14 foot one

nomdeplume Sun 01-Jul-07 16:24:39

They are brilliant. Best thing we could've spent money on outdoor play wise.

crunchie Sun 01-Jul-07 16:24:48

get the biggest you can
a) afford
b) can fit

As you know you and your soupy mayes will be on there pissed

tigerschick Sun 01-Jul-07 16:24:58

Definately get one - especially if it comes with all the extras.
Not keen on the 10ft ones, I spent a whole bbq party wincing at people doing back drops and somersaults on one convinced someone was going to go "thud".

snowwonder Sun 01-Jul-07 16:25:16

i would go for as big as your garden will take , a 12ft is big!!!!

we are getitng rectangle one as our garden is tiny!!!

it will just fit in where the shed is

Peachy Sun 01-Jul-07 16:25:44

We're looking at getting one (if ds3's DLA ever gets through the system LOL) BIBIC reckon they're amazing for both anger amnagement and brain development- all that refocussing of visual stuff and cross patterning

clairejo Sun 01-Jul-07 16:26:34

focus diy have them for 100 on line/ 25 delivery

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:27:02

The biggest B&Q have is a 12foot oine

Pixiefish Sun 01-Jul-07 16:27:39

outdoortoys direct have the 14 foot ones for £240 including safety net and carriage

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:27:53

Focus is a 10 footer.

clairejo Sun 01-Jul-07 16:28:13

we are just waiting for some money to clear, the cheapest i have found is at focus hth

TinyGang Sun 01-Jul-07 16:28:47

We have gone for it

It's been in the garage for a week though waiting to be put together cos it won't feckin' well stop raining

Haven't told the dc it's there - they'd explode with excitement, but we can't do much with it atm.

We got it cos we were flanked on all sides by trampolines and little heads bobbing up and down (and that's just the adults)

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:35:47

Am I right in thinking that, with climb-aholic BabyDragon (17 months), I'm best not to get a ladder??

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:36:46

Of course the entertaining bit will be levelling the garden to put it up... it slopes in all directions!

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 16:36:49

Lots of my friends use a chair so that they can use and remove it when appropriate - might help with your 17 month old!

Millarkie Sun 01-Jul-07 16:43:38

We want to get a trampoline but I can't choose between a jumppod and a TP trampoline with safety net - does anyone have the TP one? Does the net fix firmly around the bottom to stop children sliding out?
I was thinking 10 foot? Are they really too small for adults?

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:49:39


Watch out for my next threads:
How do I explain to DH the arrival of a large circular object in the garden?
Is this a broken arm/leg?
Anyone know about pelvic floor toners?

SoupDragon Sun 01-Jul-07 16:50:45

I think 10 foot probably is too small for adults.

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