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for a canadian whos never been to england

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cheeryface Sun 01-Jul-07 12:21:40

my brother met a girl in canada, she has just arrived here to visit him for the first time.

they don't have much money, what would make her stay a good one would you say? they are 27 and 35.

any ideas ???


belgo Sun 01-Jul-07 12:28:34

whereabouts are they staying in England?

FlamingTomatoes Sun 01-Jul-07 12:29:16

take her to skeg or blackpool or brighton for the day

themoon66 Sun 01-Jul-07 16:09:05

Take her to a village fete... a proper one with WI type jam and cake competitions and morris dancers.

flack Sun 01-Jul-07 16:37:32

Doesn't she just want a lot of good sh*gging? Isn't that probably why she came over?
Or am I stating the bleedin' obvious...

christie1 Sun 01-Jul-07 22:08:50

depends, where is she from in canada and where would she be living. THe other question is how close is she too her family? Often, the boy follows the girl remember. If she is a girl who craves nature and the outdoors, don't expect her to live in london. But she would love so much of the north of england. The other thing is parts of canada resemble canada scenery and culturally, very close to UK imo.

brimfull Sun 01-Jul-07 22:12:06

Show her thatched cottages,country pubs,rolling countryside,national trust crap.All my canadian friends love that.Also the seaside,very few canadians live by the sea,unless she's from Vancouver.
Typical London sights go down well too.

FunMumm Sun 01-Jul-07 22:15:27

We had family over from Toronto recently and all they wanted to see was the country side and the seaside

Jojay Sun 01-Jul-07 22:19:45

Agree with GGirl - our Canadian friends went crazy for anything olde worlde, and as they were from Winnipeg, the sea.

cheeryface Mon 02-Jul-07 19:13:29

thanx everyone.
she is from vancouver ggirl

she is staying near manchester with my brother.
unfortuneatly yesterday he decided to take her to the city centre to have a look around and do some shopping etc. they went into starbucks and her bag got nicked!

not a good start....

christie1 Wed 04-Jul-07 21:27:04

That's ok, lots of theives in canada too! My friend was over last fall and got her bag pickpocketed but she still loves the UK. Vancouver is a bit tough as they tend to really love it. But I was up north a few weeks ago and loved it. The best selling point up there is the people. They were so lovely. We enjoyed the moors and landscape as well.

edam Wed 04-Jul-07 21:28:57

Tell your brother to take her out to the Peak District - beautiful scenery for free.

Marina Wed 04-Jul-07 21:31:15

Near Manchester - he should take her to Haddon Hall rose gardens in the rain. That's where it all started for me and dh back in 1987...but all of the Peak District is beautiful

cheeryface Thu 05-Jul-07 14:28:51

sounds lovely so romantic

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