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Best tip for getting three children to go straight to sleep!

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PinkChick Sat 30-Jun-07 21:10:39

i'm a glutton for punishment!, ts my day off(childminder) and ive got ex mindee and her sis(my friends dd's) sleeping over as playdate for my dd tonight..dp was laughing as the girls were pretending to screw thier eyes up everytime we apssed i went in and gently tapped door with hidden hand and said "ooohh that must be the sleep fairies, do you know about them?..well they listen out for good boys and girls who are asleep and they visit them, sprinkle fairy dust over them and leave them a shiny silver coin in morning!".....they three wild girls were asleepp within 2 mins!..ill need some change in morning but its worth it!

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