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What would YOU like for YOUR birthday?

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pageturner Thu 28-Jun-07 17:54:16

What I'm actually asking is what should I have for MY birthday. Dh wants suggestions but I can't seem to come up with anything..

So, if it was you, what would you like? (My only rule is nothing household-y.)

tiredemma Thu 28-Jun-07 17:54:45

day at health spa.

weekend away

compo Thu 28-Jun-07 17:55:18

Pretty jewelry from Accessorize
Exensive chocolate from Hotel Chocolat
Expensive wine
Meal out
Beautiful flowers
Clothes shop vouchers for Monsoon

fryalot Thu 28-Jun-07 17:55:26


As much time as possible on my own

It's not that I don't love them, but I would absolutely adore some time to myself.

PestoMonster Thu 28-Jun-07 17:56:08

New gym bag

DoubleBluff Thu 28-Jun-07 17:56:49

Voucher for a good hair cut.

pageturner Thu 28-Jun-07 17:58:10

Oooh, am liking these! Keep 'em comin'

tuppy Thu 28-Jun-07 17:58:55

In my dreams I'd like a meal out with dh at a smartish restaurant serving excellent food; I'm fond of seafood for example.

Then I'd like a new watch; nothing flash like a Rolex, but something understatedly chic.

Oh and a weekend away BY MYSELF would be lovely. Eurostar to Paris, first class ? Wandering about galleries and shops, afternoon nap in 5 star hotel, chic little bistros for lunch, etc. Mmmm

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Thu 28-Jun-07 18:03:13

Posh new handbag (friend got gorgeous Miumiu one for her birthday), nice pen. Normally get a weekend away though so not complaining. This year was Barcelona.

TranquilaManana Thu 28-Jun-07 18:05:36

last year i had
a parachute jump,
a dayat a spa,
a dinner with family in london (while dp stayed at my dads with the dc inc baby who was still bf at time so couldnt be away from him for long).
all as surprises. was completely amazing. i was spoilt b/c was 30th...
would heartily recommend any of those things... (absolutely LOVED the parachute jump. in an utterly terrifying sort of way. and im not into that sort of thing usually, rides and horror movies and the like.)

pageturner Thu 28-Jun-07 22:10:31

There's some lovely ideas here, hmmm.... Thank you. Though I might cross the parachute jump off my list!

Any thoughts from the evening crowd?

southeastastra Thu 28-Jun-07 22:11:26

a glove puppet

Gobbledigook Thu 28-Jun-07 22:12:17

Well it's my birthday in September and for that dh and I are going to see 'Wicked' in London adn staying over in a nice hotel (yet to be chosen).

NurseyJo Thu 28-Jun-07 22:12:31

Message withdrawn

NurseyJo Thu 28-Jun-07 22:13:17

Message withdrawn

sallystrawberry Thu 28-Jun-07 22:13:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TippiHedren Thu 28-Jun-07 22:14:17

Ipod for me.

pageturner Thu 28-Jun-07 22:14:18

SEA - why a glove puppet?

TippiHedren Thu 28-Jun-07 22:16:32

A trip to the wine place in london "vinopolis" would be good too, ooh and tickets to dirty dancing or grease!

plowder Thu 28-Jun-07 23:13:58

TranquilaManana I'm suprised you had any milk left after the parachute jump, I couldn't do that good on you.

mumtodd Thu 28-Jun-07 23:16:52

compo i totally agree with all yours. the best present i ever got from dh was a voucher for Monsoon - he must have asked someone for advice on that one. it was great.

goodasgold Thu 28-Jun-07 23:17:23

Rose essential oil.

Slowwink Thu 28-Jun-07 23:27:26

I'd love this perfume

I LOVE violets - and it's so kitch and glam.

MrsScavo Thu 28-Jun-07 23:30:05

Bay trees, for either side of the front door. I've asked every year for the past 5 years, and DH thought I was joking. This year I bought them.

Slowwink Thu 28-Jun-07 23:30:13

Or how about this handbag?

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