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child modelling

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lay Thu 28-Jun-07 10:11:00

hi can anyone help me??????? my 11 year old son is always been told that he should be a model so i applied to loads of agencies inc kitsch kids in london. kolours. modelstandout. pulse. modelschild. bizzykids. eurokids. gingersnaps. tuesdayschild. and they have all accepted him (didnt think that when i applied that they all would lol) but has we are new to this we are very wary so i would be grateful if anyone as had any dealings with the above thanks !!!!

jeanjeannie Thu 28-Jun-07 10:30:08

Hi Lay - had lots of dealing with kiddy agencies - used to use them for fashion/pr shoots and close friends have their kids signed up.

Mainly dealt with Bruce and Brown - who are a fab, V professional agency. Best bit of advice is - Don't pay for a portfolio of piccies will never need it. The only people who make money from that are the agency and photographer. Usually anyone hiring a model (kids or adults) want to see them in person - and they make allowances for a newbie having a lack of portfolio. They'll also take a few snaps at the casting. You can pay for prints - but make sure it's after the job and it's because YOU want them and you're not being pressurised by the agency. NEVER let them badger you to get lots of shots done so that they can get a job - it doesn't work that way - honest! If they do keep insisting then walk away - it'll be an indication that this is their only way of making money.

And make sure you check out their policy for payment for travelling to won't be much - but it'll be better than nothing! And enjoy the experience! (sorry for the ramble - just I've met so many weird model agencies over the last 15 years - that I get angry when people are taken for a ride!)

lay Thu 28-Jun-07 10:53:59

hi jeanjeannie thanks for your advice!!! its just all so confusing isnt it!!!

LadyVictoriaOfCake Thu 28-Jun-07 10:56:16

the one i have heard of in your list are kids london, bizzykids and possibly tuesdays child.

dd3 was with cheekykidz, but i have taken her off for now as she is having problems with her skin and eyes. and am wanting to focus properly on those and not worry about castings.

lay Thu 28-Jun-07 11:00:21

lady victoria. sorry to hear bout dd problems hope everything goes ok thanks for replying :O

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