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HELP!!! birthday present ideas needed.

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alexsmum Sun 04-Aug-02 23:51:09

its dh's birthday on saturday and I still have no idea what to get him.I would like it to be special but I haven't got a huge amount of money to spend.Please can anyone come up with any ideas?

WideWebWitch Mon 05-Aug-02 00:20:13

What about a framed photo montage of the best times you've had together? Bit girly I suppose but thoughtful and cheap. Will post again if I think of more.

Hi Mon 05-Aug-02 09:26:21

Maybe a book/video about something he might be interested in taking up sometime? Week idea but my dh has an idea about something he wants to possibly take up in two years time so got him the video and book telling him that way he had plenty of time to look into it properly and think about whether he really wanted to do it. I need ideas for 40th wedding anniversary present for my parents. Money is tight due to uncertain earnings/income. Sorry, don't mean to overtake your request for ideas alexsmum.

slug Mon 05-Aug-02 10:15:15

How about a membership to an organisation he is interested in? I have bought dh memberships to the NFT,(£14) & the Tate Modern. Or how about a subscription to a magazine. I bought a very good friend a subscription to 'The Chap' which went down a storm and cost about £7.

Willow2 Mon 05-Aug-02 11:13:48

Agree with WWW - for Father's Day I bought dh a swanky photo album and filled it with pictures of ds and dh. Was voted the most beautiful present ever.

lou33 Mon 05-Aug-02 11:27:40

I need ideas for dh's 40th which is this month. Totally stuck what to get him this year - help!

Hi Mon 05-Aug-02 12:33:34

I like Slugs ideas!

MABS Mon 05-Aug-02 13:53:05

bought my dh a full body massage for his 30th. He looked a bit shocked but he absolutely loved it and has had several since.

ionesmum Mon 05-Aug-02 22:35:07

Blooming Marvellous will make cufflinks with a photo of your baby in. Suffice to say a lot of men in our family will be getting those this Christmas.

For a 40th wedding, what about a photographic family tree?

Slug's idea is great. Found a very obscure cricket journal on the net for dh and he was thrilled.

threeangels Mon 05-Aug-02 23:59:43

How about just planning a very romantic evening at home alone. Maybe with a candle lit dinner with something special to eat (one of dh's favorites). Dont know if your kids are young ones or even if you have kids but try and make some arrangements for babysitting. Try and do something different. Dont know if your into lingere but maybe you can purchase something I guess you could say sexy. Im sure hell love that. Make it a surprise. Sorry to get personal. I cant think of anything else at the moment.

sammac Tue 06-Aug-02 00:04:50

if dh is at all sporty what about an unusual activity day. They're advertised in magazines and you can buy them in bigger branches of Boots, complete in a gift box. My dh wanted white water rafting!!He wanted to go to the Grand Canyon but had to make do with sunny Perthshire!

robinw Tue 06-Aug-02 07:41:41

message withdrawn

ionesmum Tue 06-Aug-02 22:16:32

Hello, Hi (!), I've just remembered that we gave some v.dear friends a rose called 'Wedding Day@ for their 40th anniversary. It's a beautiful white scented climber and you can probably ask your local nursery/garden centre to organise it for you.

alexsmum Tue 06-Aug-02 22:54:13

Thanks for all your ideas.The photo thing is such a great idea that I've done it in the past.I like the idea of the cufflinks too but I'm afraid I haven't enough time to organise it.
I'll have to keep thinking!! Thanks anyway.

lou33 Tue 06-Aug-02 23:10:45

Thanks for the ideas. I decided to book him for a male spa day in champneys as a treat, so I can stop fretting now! He's getting a full hour body massage, facial and a mud floatation as well as all their usual facilities, lunch and refreshments. Making me think I should maybe go in his place instead!

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