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Are you a stockings or tights person?

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sportyspice Wed 01-Sep-04 21:32:59

I personally am a stockings person and was very shocked today when i went into M&S to buy some more to find racks and racks of tights and pop socks! Are stockings really a thing of the past? I was also unable to find a suspender belt in M&S a few months ago and they use to be the top dogs of undies!!!

JanH Wed 01-Sep-04 21:35:14

I am a trousers person meself.

spacemonkey Wed 01-Sep-04 21:38:53

I am a hold ups person. Tights are horrible!

spacemonkey Wed 01-Sep-04 21:39:11

Can highly recommend M & S holdups btw

pepsi Wed 01-Sep-04 21:42:27

Id be a tights girl. Ive tried stockings when I was at work and they just felt uncomfortable. I think most people associate stockings nowadays with being a bit kinky. If my hubby spotted me in stockings he would assume I wanted something!

Tommy Wed 01-Sep-04 21:45:12

I can proudly say that I haven't worn either since DS1's Christening which happened when he was 11 weeks old. He's now 2y8m. This is mostly because DH said they shoes I wore that day looked like the ones his Grandmother would wear and I have never worn a skirt that needed tights (or stockings) since
in my pre-baby (and pre DH!) days, I preferred stockings but only really wore them when I was going out as tights were more practical for teaching (can't imagine reaction of teenage boys if they saw a stocking top! )

sportyspice Wed 01-Sep-04 21:57:00

Tommy and pepsi - i'm sat here giggling at your posts!

Heathcliffscathy Wed 01-Sep-04 21:57:07

i'm with sm on this. would rather none of the above but if forced hold ups every time.

lou33 Wed 01-Sep-04 22:43:26

Hold ups.

lavender1 Thu 02-Sep-04 00:06:58

stockings and it's not kinky (just an image peopel have of it) M&S, Contessa, Debenhams, John Lewis do all the underwear labels, infact every make from ballet to lepel etc do suspender belts and in big sizes too (am 14-16 so lots available)..

eidsvold Thu 02-Sep-04 00:38:49

neither - too hot and uncomfrotable

sykes Thu 02-Sep-04 00:59:01

eidi, please join me in the bar thread.

bloss Thu 02-Sep-04 01:08:43

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 02-Sep-04 01:11:03

Message withdrawn

earlygirl Thu 02-Sep-04 01:24:46

socks and boots person
though im going to try harder this winter

WideWebWitch Thu 02-Sep-04 07:07:24

I'm wear both (not at same time obv) but have a hosiery related question that I was thinking of asking here and is too trival for a thread of its own I feel long do you make a pair of tights or stockings last? Now I'm back at work I'm getting through a pair a day since they're almost always laddered by the end of the day (I carry clear nail varnish and a spare pair but still). Does everyone else manage to make a pair of tights or stockings last longer? Roll on the days when I can go back to opaques. It's expensive!

BooMama Thu 02-Sep-04 07:42:12

When I worked I had to wear a skirt so had to have hosiery of some description. In the end I wore hold ups most of the time because they felt more hygienic after a bout of cystitis! Apparently, tights worn regularly would not create a very healthy 'area'!
Also, the joy of hold ups was that if you laddered one you only had to throw one away and could still match up the remaining leg.
Somebody did tell me however that you shouldn't wear hold ups every day as the tightness around the thighs could be a factor in thrombosis - didn't pay much attention to that though.

Bellie Thu 02-Sep-04 07:47:21

I used to be a hold ups person until I went for an interview once and as I was being shown around found that one was working its way down my leg . Luckily I could just about manage to keep pulling it up and survived the tour!!
Now I wear tights (but usually I am in trousers and socks with my boots!).

SoupDragon Thu 02-Sep-04 08:10:19

Hold ups.

Top hold up tip - if they give up on you, you can stick selotape onto the rubbery bit, press it down and peel it off and hey presto, they hold up again.

smellymelly Thu 02-Sep-04 08:40:50

neither - Yuk!!

golds Thu 02-Sep-04 08:45:04

trousers, can't bare either tbh

motherinferior Thu 02-Sep-04 09:02:25

Thick tights in winter, otherwise nothing.

kerry37 Fri 27-Mar-09 12:24:26

Tights, as more comfortable and convienient.

pollypanties Mon 24-Feb-14 08:45:44

noticed supermarkets dont stock as many,some department stores have a range of belts but few stockings. ive strated getting alot of mine from ann summers great range and often on 3 for 2 offers.they also have good range of suspender belts,wash well good quality plus great customer service in ann summers stores.

petemoore67 Tue 28-Oct-14 11:35:07

I've just bought some Sainsburys 200 Denier Black Tights in XL.I have to say they are soo comfy and very warm !!

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