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could it be rats?

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yentil Sat 23-Jun-07 22:59:49

i kept on hearing intermittent "woodpecker" / tapping niose in dd bedroom this evening, it was 8ish but still light. noise would be very fast tapping noise then stop. thought it might be rain or electrical or rats seen no other signs of the latter, does anyone know of what noise they make if any? want to ule them out hopefully???

BTW we live on ground fllor in a flat with garden and one person above. i know from whn we had out central heating done that there are 3 feet of foundation space underneath!

merrygoround Sat 23-Jun-07 23:35:49

Our rats made distinctly scratchy as opposed to tappy noises - oh, except the one who tap tapped across the wooden floor orf our bedroom one Sunday morning before disappearing under our bed. They also made rummaging noises when they got in the cupboard where I keep the spare carrier bags. But not really like a woodpecker.

ForeverBlowingBubbles Sat 23-Jun-07 23:39:22

Could it be rain hitting the outside of your windowsill, dripping from guttering above upstairs flat?

I get a really weird noise at my front room window when we have heavy rain, accompanied by extremely loud dripping (guttering needs clearing out, full of grass, lol)

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