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to steal an idea from Lou's thread! Name for business - suggestions?

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schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:04:32

This time it is for children's drama workshops.


schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:14:12

anyone? please?

lou33 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:14:41

drama queens?

yorkshirepudding Wed 20-Jun-07 21:15:40

Message withdrawn

schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:15:48

would that put the boys off though? Maybe not if they are theatrical....

schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:17:06

yorkshire - I think I looked into that one before and it is in use. I used to be called Camdram (crap!) as my initials are CAM but am going online and there is another site called camdram about cambridge drama.

lou33 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:17:28

lol schneebly

yorkshirepudding Wed 20-Jun-07 21:17:54

Message withdrawn

Bouquetsofdynomite Wed 20-Jun-07 21:19:08

Drama Jam
Acting Up
Dramasaurus (was my idea for Rhubarb's drama website)
Drama Llama / Dramarama / Drama Iguana / Drama Pyjamas
Guys & Dolls
Jesters / Troubadours / Minstrels

schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:22:36

Ooh Bouquetsofdynomite you are good at this! Acting up is good but I looove drama Iguana so bizarre!

mummymagic Wed 20-Jun-07 21:36:46

Ok, I started a group called Blue Sky Drama (not running anymore so you can have it if you want it). Drama Bananas?

I quite like ideas around jam (see other thread).

hmmm. something with 'act'... Actrobats?

Or just something with name eg the
helen o Grady drama Academy

schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:38:31

thank you - 'actrobats' is quite clever!

My name is a bit long winded - dont think it woould work

lou33 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:39:22

acting out?

lou33 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:39:40

oh its already done

bubblerock Wed 20-Jun-07 21:43:04

Interact, Interacting?

schneebly Wed 20-Jun-07 21:54:12

so many good suggestions thank you! I am terrble at this kind of thing!

schneebly Thu 21-Jun-07 12:10:26

Just to let you know I have gone with..

actrobats! Site is under construction!

Thank you all (esp mummymagic)!

mummymagic Thu 21-Jun-07 12:44:32

aw great! (if it takes off and you become a billionaire, send me a tenner! )

Now you gotta design a bat logo huh? ooh, i am so easily distracted. Am supposed to be planning my wedding and/or playing with baby and instead am designing a harlequin/bat logo for your drama club...

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