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This week's Pub Quiz questions

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Fionn Thu 25-Jul-02 17:24:51

Lyric: I have no need of friendship, friendship causes pain

Anagram: MAD ROLE

1 What was the former name of Ghana?

2 Which hobby do twitchers practise?

3 What's the bone in the upper arm?

4 Which chocolate bar did Harry Enfield advertise on TV?

5 What's the surname of the author of Lorna Doone?

6 What was the only no. 1 for Right Said Fred?

7 Which Hollywood couple will be appearing at the Edinburgh Festival?

8 Which actress, best known for comedy, has played Catherine of Aragon and Queen Victoria on TV?

9 Which conspiracy did Robert Catesby organise?

10 Who disappeared from the boat The Lady Ghiselaine?

11 Which which European country does Britain have the longest-standing peace alliance?

12 What's the state capital of South Australia?

13 Who has been asked to provide the song for the 2004 Olympics in Greece?

14 In which year was the Citizens Advice Bureau established (you can be 10 years either side)?

Mopsy Thu 25-Jul-02 17:32:38

2. Birdwatching
3. Humerus
4. Dime
10.Robert Maxwell

Fionn Thu 25-Jul-02 17:43:01

Well done Mopsy!

sobernow Thu 25-Jul-02 17:55:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leese Thu 25-Jul-02 18:33:40

13. George Michael
8. Kathy Burke

bossykate Thu 25-Jul-02 19:26:53

Ooh everyone has already got the ones I know! a guess

12. Adelaide?

janh Thu 25-Jul-02 19:45:10

1 Gold Coast? Ivory Coast? Neither of the above?

janh Thu 25-Jul-02 19:46:54

11 France? (Entente Cordiale? ) (Not very cordiale though so I bet that's not it.)

Marina Thu 25-Jul-02 20:11:30

Sobernow has beaten me to all the ones I knew this week. Sad to see no clergy questions, Fionn!
I don't suppose the Hollywood couple is Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward...

PamT Thu 25-Jul-02 20:12:10

6. If its not I'm too sexy, then its Deeply Dippy - oh that video used to turn me on - the sexy bald head and the even sexier gyrating leather pants. Pass me a drink of water before I faint someone.....

WideWebWitch Thu 25-Jul-02 21:05:03

Is 7 Madge and Guy Richie?

soothepoo Thu 25-Jul-02 23:45:01

7 - Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins

Fionn Fri 26-Jul-02 07:36:12

Our server was down all last night so couldn't post - didn't know what to do with myself! Ended up clearing out my email Inbox hoping it would get fixed so I could go onto Mumsnet, very sad! Definitely addicted.
Is anyone going to guess 14 before I post the answers?

Fionn Fri 26-Jul-02 07:38:33

And what about the anagram?

Mopsy Fri 26-Jul-02 08:28:29

14. 1939

soothepoo Fri 26-Jul-02 08:58:39

Earldom? Old mare??

janh Fri 26-Jul-02 11:24:04

soothepoo, you clever thing! I spent ages with the letters in a circle but only tried combinations that began with a consonant. (None of them made words. Funny, that!)

Fionn Fri 26-Jul-02 18:43:07

soothepoo - well done on the anagram (I should have said, it's always a one word answer)! Other answers are:

1 Gold Coast
2 Birdwatching
3 Humerus
4 Dime bar
5 Blackmore
6 Deeply Dippy
7 S Sarandon and T Robbins
8 Annette Crosbie
9 Gunpowder Plot
10 R Maxwell
11 Portugal
12 Adelaide
13 George Michael
14 1939

janh Fri 26-Jul-02 21:57:44

Thanks, Fionn! Again, again!

Fionn Fri 26-Jul-02 21:59:37

Glad you enjoy them! If you're ever in West London on a Weds night you can come along!

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